Predicting the future – smart appliances for smart houses

The smart devices such as phones and tablets have already become part of our everyday lives. However, the last few years, household manufacturers headed in that direction. Thus, refrigerators get touch screen displays, washing machines are equipped with scanners that assess the degree of soiling, and air conditioning can be controlled by your smart phone.

While the producers aim to create a smart home network in which all devices have to be connected, and users will manage them through the applications installed on smart phones or tablets, the average user wants to ease its life as much as possible.

Washing machine, that determines itself how much are the clothes is dirty, determines optimal dose of washing powder, and might be included in the application on your smartphone will show where and how much time is left until the end of the wash is just one example of how smart devices facilitate everyday household obligations. Also, the smart refrigerator is not only cooler, but becomes a central device in the kitchen. In fact, during his designs are not only focused on its role of maintaining freshness of the food will have studied the eating habits of several surveyed countries. The survey has given the results that a majority of surveyed people think that this device could help them keep the healthy eating habits.

Design of a new product, regardless of its function, the manufacturer must take into account the individual needs of each user. Devices must be designed and run on a user friendly way and must be simple and intuitive to use with as little as possible complicated functionality. The emphasis has shifted from Do technical specifications of the certain item to the benefit that the user has (more space, ecology and energy savings and increase productivity).

Although the smart household devices are not acceptable to the masses when it comes to prices, it is anticipated that over the next ten years smart household devices become an indispensable part of every household.

So, in the next few years smart appliances will become more ‘smarter’, and the main aim will be to facilitate our daily lives.