Proper maintenance of the lenses

, Proper maintenance of the lenses

Nowadays a lot of people are wearing contact lenses.  The main errors that the people with lenses make are in the proper use and maintenance of the lens. According to a study in the United States, only 1-2% of the respondents fully comply with the recommendations on the maintenance of contact lenses. The most common mistakes are not regularly washing your hands before handling lenses, failure to use new lens liquid immersion and rarely changing boxes lenses.

An interesting fact is that the majority of users of the lens know what to do in order to avoid complications, but because of non-compliance with the rules 72% feels the discomfort when wearing lenses is and 47% have infection problems.

Here are some of the recommendations of lenses manufacturers and eye doctor on how to properly maintain the lenses.

1. Do change the lenses when it is recommended: if it’s for two weeks, then every two weeks, if it is 30 days, then 30 days. When the lenses are worn longer than anticipated, they are more likely to accumulate plaque, which can lead to chronic redness or eye infections.

2. Wash and dry your hands before leaving and fixing the lens so as not to infect the area around.

3. When changing the lenses, remember to change the containers in which you are disposing the lenses. Remember that the container should be changed at least every three months, if you do have the lenses that are more lasting.

4. Change the fluid in which you dispose the lenses regularly, in order to prevent eventual development of bacteria. You do not want to put the bacteria in your eye.

5. Clean the lenses as often as you eye doctor recommended, rub them and clean with clean fingers and rinse thoroughly before placing them in a container overnight.

6. Make sure that there is enough liquid in the container for storage of the lenses so that the liquid covers each lens.

7. Never put new fluid over the old fluid because the active ingredient in some liquids for lenses can be dissolved. It is important that liquid is due date.

8. Do not use tap water for cleaning and rinsing of the lens or the lenses containers, because tap water can contain microorganisms that can cause infection or damage to the lens.

9. Do not wear lenses when you swim even while bathing.

10. The persons who sleep with lenses should regularly use eye drops designed for it, before they go to sleep and when you wake up.

11. If you suspect that your eyes are dry, you lens scratching or irritating your eyes or you notice that your eyes are more red than usual, remove the lenses and do not wear them while you sleep.

12. Change the chipped or scratched lenses, because wearing those lenses will only damage your eyes.

, Proper maintenance of the lenses
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, Proper maintenance of the lenses
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