Good night, sleep thigh – how to have a good sleep

, Good night, sleep thigh – how to have a good sleep

Nowadays, many people have trouble having a good night sleep. For those people who take a long time to fall asleep, often during the night, having heavy and torn dreams, which results in inadequate rest, that leads to them being tired in the morning, and during the day they are deprived of sufficient sleep. People than face these kinds of problems often say that they do have trouble with sleeping and even suffer from insomnia.
The causes of sleep problems may be due to an illness, and poor diet, irregular lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, fatigue, stress, uncomfortable bed…
If you have trouble sleeping, we will present twelve tips that can help you have a good night sleep.

Better Sleep Food

It is very important what you eat before going to bed. But it is not just what you eat; it is when you eat that also counts. The timing for eating is important; eat a few hours before bedtime, and not just before going to bed.
A good night dinner should contain small amounts of milk, eggs, and chicken, tuna or sunflower seeds. You should definitely avoid eating heavy, fatty and spicy foods that bother body and stomach.  Before going to bed, avoid bacon, ham, sausage, tomato, eggplant, pepper…

Bedroom = oasis of peace
Bear in mind that the bedroom or room intended for sleeping should hold on to the atmosphere for sleep. Too many things, too much clutter, too much noise and even pets may be the cause of poor sleep. Also the ideal would be to slightly decrease the temperature in your bedroom, because somewhat cooler room provides better sleep.

Afternoon rest
All of those who are having trouble with getting nice to sleep at night or suffer from insomnia should avoid afternoon nap.

Women and PMS
For women with a pronounced premenstrual syndrome, for good sleep are recommended diet with plenty of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B and vitamin E.


Electronic devices lights drastically affect the hormone melatonin which helps us fall asleep. Minimum an hour before bedtime disposes cell phones or computers. If you cannot exercise this, try simple tips to hold the screens at least 35 inches from the eyes and adjust the brightness of the devices to a minimum.


Every smoked cigarette before going to bed increases heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity, and makes it difficult to breathe, and these are all reasons that negatively affect sleep. Not only do smokers spend less time having a good night sleep when compared to non-smokers, but according to a recent study each cigarette burned during the day shortens sleep by 1.2 minutes.

Walking and sleeping

Physical activity contributes the general health and provides a peaceful sleep. People who do little physical activity during the day usually have trouble sleeping. We do recommend talking at least half an hour walk in order to have a better good night sleep.

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