How to hang wallpaper

, How to hang wallpaper

Hanging the wallpaper can be a very fun job for which you needed precision and patience. You can hang the wallpaper on one, two, three or all for walls in the room, but the ones that are currently in are the photo wallpapers. These wallpapers are usually hung onto one wall.

How to make the right wallpaper choice

The market has a large selection of different colors wallpaper designs and materials. It is merely up to you and your needs and likes to choose whether you opt for paper, fabric or perhaps plastic wallpaper. For wall surfaces that are subject to somewhat frequent soiling, such as hallways, we advise you to select washable wallpaper which cleaning and maintenance is very easy. Wallpapers made of plastics materials are suitable for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. In addition to the wallpaper with the flat there and anaglypta wallpaper. These wallpapers are made of paper and you can paint the color you want over them.

When choosing the color of wallpaper, consider the size of the room and position of the walls on which you want to apply the wallpaper. For somewhat darker room is best the best option to choose the brighter wallpaper. Strong colors wallpaper are best for children’s rooms, while pastel tones correspond to the bedrooms.

Preparing the walls
The wall on which you plan to apply the wallpaper must be flawless. Remove old wallpapers from the wall. In the case that the old wallpapers are still in excellent condition and are firmly stuck, you can apply the new wallpaper over the old one.

Clean the walls of dirt and old paint before hanging the wallpapers. The wall on which you are planning to hang the wallpapers should be completely dry and if otherwise, the wallpaper will quickly peel off.

Hanging the wallpapers
First thing you should do is cut the wallpaper on the same dimensions tapes. The back of the wallpaper is fragmented into lines that are perfect for cutting, as they serve to help you to cut the wallpapers precisely. It is important to accurately cut wallpaper so that they perfectly fit while applying them onto the wall surface. Applying the wallpaper adhesive must be evenly over the entire surface of the wallpaper, and attention should be especially paid to the edges of the wallpapers. After applying the adhesive, leave the wallpaper for a few minutes, just to make them absorb the adhesive and then start hanging the wallpapers.  The best idea is to start hanging the wallpaper from the upper edge downwards the floor. Remember that you do need a lot of time and patience for this process. After hanging each wallpaper stripe, it is necessary to go over the wallpaper with a roller in order to remove eventual air bubbles made during the hanging process.

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