Remove the pesticides from your food

Most of us consume  on a daily basis the fruits and vegetables that are treated with pesticides. However, there are certain fruits and vegetables which are somewhat more dangerous than another. Find out what and how to dispose of as many pesticides from fruits and vegetables as possible.

Studies have shown that pesticides are very harmful to the human organism, especially when are in large quantities. Some dangerous pesticides can significantly damage your digestive system, and in the worst case scenario, even cause cancer.

We bring you a list of a couple of fruits and vegetables, which is the most commonly treated with pesticides and which you should keep away from in supermarkets or if you want to use them, purchase the ones that are organic.

Food that contains the most pesticide residues

The most pesticide residues have been found in celery, peaches, strawberries, kale, lettuce and blueberries. But in this group we can also include: apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, nectarines, potatoes, beans and peppers.

It is recommended that if you have the option buy least these foods from trusted local producers or from the producers that are confidently organic.


As we cannot always buy organic products, because of money and, sometimes, because of the unavailability of those products, it is necessary to learn how to clean and wash fruits and vegetables properly in order to eliminate as many pesticides as possible.

The simplest way is to wash fruits and vegetables in the container in which you dilute a little apple or ordinary cider.

Another effective way of cleaning is to soak the ingredients for at least 10 minutes in the water in which you dissolve a little sea salt and lemon juice. After that, just rinse them well.

A little more complicated, but also a very effective way to clean fruits and vegetables from pesticides residues is to treat it with a mixture of small amounts of vinegar, baking soda and grape seed extract dissolved in a glass of water. Put this mixture into a spray bottle, and spray the fruits and vegetables. Leave it an hour, and simply wash under the running water.