Savings on traveling

, Savings on traveling

If you are careful enough and flexible, you might be surprised how cheaply you can go. We give you 20 proposals to reduce traveling costs.

Be flexible about dates

It is understood that in some periods of the year is more expensive to travel than in other periods, but it is useful to know that you do not have to move your trip for several months in order to achieve savings.

The rooms are often more expensive for overnight stays during the weekends. Rescheduling or moving your trip by one day can make certain savings. Also, if you can change date, try with searching for different dates.

The same goes for air tickets. Low cost companies can charge you significantly higher price of one day, while the same ticket can be drastically cheaper the very next day.  If the day does not mean anything, why not take the opportunity and save some money.

Consider company

Traveling in a group of more people is cheaper than individual journey or trip for two. The first savings result by cheaper accommodation. For example, it is more profitable to take the apartment, and rooms that have 4 beds, than those with single and double beds.

If you are traveling by train, on some lines you can have certain discounts for multiple passengers, and perhaps you can even consider renting a car, considering that all the costs of transportation are divided on more people.

Search for the area with a public transport

It’s great if you can find affordable accommodation in the city center, but the most common those good opportunities are somewhat more expensive. Given the fact that in larger cities you anyway need to buy tickets for transportation (usually daily) use it to find accommodation that is close to public transport stations, but also significantly less expensive than hotels in the center.

Use a student card

During the traveling, students can use a variety of discounts, but to prove the student status is necessary to provide the appropriate card. It is the best to take one that is internationally recognized.

Search accommodation and compare prices

When looking for accommodation over the internet, you will find yourself faced with a tedious problem – searching for systems to the reservation, each of which can have a different price for a hotel that you like. Once you do find the one that suits you, you can simply find a proper accommodation by the appropriate price.

Accommodation with kitchen

When booking accommodation, note that there are always list of accommodations with shared kitchen or, even better, a kitchen inside the room you want to rent. In this way you can realize significant savings, given that you have the ability to save yourself you meals, which is much cheaper than eating in restaurants, and even fast food facilities.

If you cannot find the kitchen, it would be good to at least have a free breakfast. A hearty breakfast can you ‘feed’ a good part of the day, which again turns in savings.

Race the opportunities

Low-cost airlines often have short-term actions which can additionally reduce the prices of their cards. Notification of major actions can be found on the websites. The same applies to bus and railway undertakings, which also tend to have specific actions. So when you decide to the companies, with which you will travel, see their official website or contact them directly in order to find out if they have any current benefits for travelers.

Visit attractions – for free

Sometimes, tickets for certain attractions can be very expensive to pay, but on certain days or during the admission, those visits are free of charges.

Choose periphery

It’s nice to eat or drink coffee in the restaurant with a view to significant institution, but already within 50 feet away you could pay half as much the price. Of course, if you have enough money, it’s worth it to set aside for such a delight, but if not, better keep notes for something else. After all, one can always find some benches with a view sit for a while and enjoy. You will enjoy it either ways.

One luggage

The biggest savings you will achieve if you are traveling with low-cost air carriers. Their fee for bags or suitcases out of hand luggage is usually somewhat cheaper for a one way ticket. So, to return a map, you can save money by placing your items in one big luggage, and spend that money on better things.

Do not buy souvenirs at prominent places

Many people naively buy a little souvenir that is on the stalls close to the major attractions without looking elsewhere. Price differences can be substantial. Be patient and ask for prices on multiple stands – you might be pleasantly surprised by the price differences.

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