Seven steps for a perfect steak

Although many think it is no problem to make a good steak, the art of preparation of this royal piece of meat with all its natural flavors and juiciness requires certain skills.

There are different methods used to control the adequacy of roasted steak – using touch, time measurement or with thermostats.

Depending on the geographical location and level of culinary skills, there are different ways of preparing a steak. We do recognize the 7 ways of preparing a stake that can vary from bleuraremedium raremedium,medium wellwell done, very well done.

1. Start with a good piece of meat that you cut to a thickness of 4 cm. Never make steak a meat straight from the refrigerator directly on the fire. Give the meat a little time to stand on the room temperature.

2. Salt the steak on each side.

3. Roast the steak on a well-heated grill, electric grill or pan, with a minimal amount of oil. For medium rare steak follow the formula 2 by 2 min. on each side, a total of 8 minutes. It is important to strictly follow the instructions and do not often turn your meat, or by squeezing the fork.  Meat should not be turned to the same place, but always the next available. And therefore a if choosing a pan to prepare the steak, use maximum of two pieces at a time. Otherwise the meat cools the pan is releasing juices and it is impossible to find a free hot spot for turning.

4.  During the baking process, you can use of sprigs of rosemary dipped in olive oil to lightly cross over the surface of the steak, on each side. This will caramelize proteins and steak gets a nice brownish color.

5. Before serving, let the steak to “rest” for 2-3 minutes, in order to allow the juices to stabilize, which will provide special juiciness of the steak.

6. After the steak has rested, place a few drops of olive oil or spicy butter on top of it and serve the dish.

7. The steak can be served in one piece, or it can be sliced into thin pieces and enjoy your perfect stake.