How to have a tidy living room

, How to have a tidy living room

Are you tired of cleaning you living room once a week, the ritual that consumes your energy, and after seven days it seems like you have never done anything.  General cleaning of your house on the weekends are not fun to anyone. To help maintain a tidy home, you need to take in some small, everyday tricks that will help you quickly and efficiently maintain order within your living room.

Give away the furniture you do not use

If do not lose the old piece of furniture as soon as you buy a new one, your living room will soon enough look like a hoarder house.  Key elements of comfortable living rooms are comfortable sofas, armchairs and coffee table (or two). In addition to these items, it is necessary to have a solid bookcase, and all other elements are optional, depending on the square meters you have. But do remove the excessive furniture from the living room.

Remove all with coffee table

Or almost everything! Remember the rule of the tidy living room is that approximately 70 % of the table surface should be empty. All the little things that take up part of the area should find their place in a drawer or on a shelf.

Connect the little things in one whole

No one says you have to give up precious little things, small vases given to you for the last 8 March, valuable Feng Shui frog and scented candles. It is important that they can easily be disassembled and returned in place after the cleaning, and that is why it is a great idea to merge them into a whole, put on – say – a large tray and so move whenever necessary.

That remote control…

You usually have so many remote controls, one for the TV, the other for a satellite, the one for the climate, one for the DVD … Put them all in one elegant box that will look like the most beautiful decoration, and provide remote controls additional protection against dust.

The number 3 rule

Bring to rule that the shelf cannot contain more than three items that are not books. As much as it sounds bizarre, all those who spend hours wiping the dust from the thorny corals, ornate chandeliers and countless towers of compact discs know what torture this is. And, yes, do imply one other rule: make sure that those little things are of similar color. This will alleviate the impression of disorder.

A toy box is not the solution

Specifically, you need more toy boxes. All of us have at least once witnessed the search for that favorite toy and in order to find it, you had to go through millions of other toys which end up making a hot mess in your living room. In order to avoid this chaos, do have at least 3 toy boxes and organize the toys in them. Do not expect the perfect organization, but the sorting will help the child to remember in which box is his favorite toy. In worst case scenario, you will have a third of toy mess to handle.

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