We all know that cleanliness is next to godliness. When it comes to cleaning your house, some people find it convenient to share the households according the frequency of those tasks, so we have daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks. But if you do not fit in all types of planning, it is important to notice the things around you and see for yourself just lying sources of dust and bacteria and how often they should be removed.


The kitchen should always be flawless because otherwise it is most likely to be a source of infection and bacteria’s. Make sure not to use the same cloth to clean all kitchen surfaces and appliances in the kitchen. It is not advisable to use the same cloth to wipe the sink, and then cutting board.

Also note that the humidity is the most fertile ground for bacteria’s to breeze and that is advisable to change the dishwashing sponge every week.

Polish the taps with half of lemon and olive oil will restore sinks gloss if you rub small amount of olive oil with a soft cloth on the sink area.


Bathroom is the second place in your home that should be given special attention.  Make sure that the board is down before each water release, and keep the toilet seat clean by using eco cleaners or try buying borax in pharmacy.

Thoroughly clean the tiles around the tub, in order to prevent molds, which are very fond of these areas. Try the solution of baking powder and juice of one lemon, and rub the solution on the tiles and wipe with paper towels.

Pay attention to the shower which can be a source of various bacteria. Try using vinegar for cleaning the shower.

Living room

The biggest task in the living room is the furniture, dust and floors. In order to keep everything neat and simple, it should be maintained regularly. Seating furniture should be vacuumed, or if the seating furniture is of leather or of composition leather, it should be polished with the ordinary wipes. In order to restore the shine of leather, eventually try “feeding” the leather with baby-oil or baby-lotion.

When it comes to erasing dust, start from the top shelf down and be sure to rinse the cloth after each wipe.

As far as the cleaning of the floors, it is recommended to slightly dampen the cloth with a mild soapy solution for flooring and mop the floor, and then thoroughly dried with paper towels.


Bedding should be changed once a week and wash s at minimum of 60 ° C to prevent the propagation of mites. Bedding should be briefly ventilated every morning, and make sure to ventilate the bedroom.

Pillows need to be replaced every two years, if you want a restful sleep and mattress should be maintain so that you turn them once a week, occasionally ventilate and expose to sunlight, and vacuum them  two or three times a month.