How to choose a proper hair color

hair color, How to choose a proper hair color

Choosing a perfect hair color is not quite as easy as it looks. In order to make the right choice, you have to bear in mind your natural hair color, skin tone and eye color to avoid making a bad hair color decision.

Black suites the best for women who have somewhat darker or olive skin tan. It is definitely not recommended for the persons with softer skin tan lighter person because black hair will make them look cold and artificial.
Note that the hair that is once dyed in black will hardly fade and could hardly be over dyed in any other colors. The black pigment is so strong that you’ll only be able to remove the pigment with the professional decolorization that is rather expensive and can damage your hair greatly.

Brown is reserved for those who are natural brunettes. If your hair lacks vigor and brilliance, opt for brown tones that will certainly give your hair additional glow. For shorter and gradually trimmed hair, the perfect solution are brown highlights, while for longer and straight hair, select a darker shade of brown. Chocolate brown that will act sensual for your long hair and will perfectly hide eventual split ends. It is important to know that the brown color is the most easy to maintain and that the brown hair color tolerates the most mistakes.

If you have a little pink skin color, you should consider choosing a red hair color. The red color is not reserved for women with olive skin for reasons that those opposite color will make you look unnatural. If you do decide to dye your hair red, be prepared to be in the center of attention. It is necessary to have enough self-confidence and courage to be red. Make sure the level of damage to your hair. Red color does not tolerate fragile and cracked hair but rather brings the focus to those damaged parts. Bear in mind that red hair is not recommended to be washed in hot water and washing the hair on lower temperatures is advisable. During sunbathing, protect your hair appropriate UV filters.

If you had light hair color in your childhood, you should be better off in dying your hair blond. It is important to know that the maintenance of blond pretty expensive process. Therefore, you should be aware that if you want to have beautiful blonde hair, you’ll have to set aside each month for your hair a certain amount of money. Regular visits to the hairdresser would have to get into the routine. For best results, we advise you ash blonde shades which will make you will look very attractive and young.

hair color, How to choose a proper hair color
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hair color, How to choose a proper hair color
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