Some of the main reasons for divorce

, Some of the main reasons for divorce

When the inevitable end of a marriage is coming, it is easiest to blame somebody else. However reasons were often present from the very beginning – even though you ignore them. Relationships are very complicated, and sometimes, in spite of many differences, some partners manage to stay in married.

We bring you some of the indicators that your marriage will not last:

Different financial views

If you have seemed to disagree even at the early stage when it comes to money and you seem to have a very different attitude about it, this is not a good sign. Recent researchers have found that the most common reason of collapse of marriage is finances, regardless of social status.

You got married too fast 

Of course, there are no strict rules; however exploration of some studies has found out that the divorce rate is inversely proportional to the length of relationship between you and your partner that lasted before entering into marriage. For example, a couple who was in a relationship that lasted three years are 39%  less likely to divorce than couples who were a year in a relationship with their partner before entering into marriage.

Drinking habits

Not surprisingly, couples in which one of the partners is addicted to alcohol are doomed to failure. Interestingly, if both of the partners are prone to alcohol, they are less likely to file a divorce. Studies show that the problem in those cases is not the alcohol as it is the habit of drinking that causes the main damage in this case.

Prenuptial agreement

It’s not a good sign for the future of your married life if you have spent more time on the details of a prenuptial agreement than on the preparations for the honeymoon. The alone desire to sign a prenuptial agreement is a clear indication that there is no complete trust between partners. A couple who shared their finances has more chances of success, and one study showed that couples who do not have a joint budget have up to 145 % probability of divorce.

Divorcees surrounding

The interesting fact about the divorce is that it acts like a sort of social viral infection that is easily spread among friends and family. If someone divorced in your environment, it is very likely that this will happen to you. Persons who are divorced may influence not only to your friends, but also the friends of their friends.

Age gap

The spouses between which exists a big age difference, unfortunately, tend to divorce more often. The spouses of the 10-year age difference have 39 %t more chances to divorce than marriage partners of the same age, according to some surveys. Of course, exceptions do prove the rule.

Married young

Another research has shown that couples, who marry in their late teen age and early twenties are more likely to divorce than those couples that marry in somewhat later life age.

, Some of the main reasons for divorce
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, Some of the main reasons for divorce
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