What to do with the mold in the apartment

You have probably been in the situation where you have noticed a dark spots on the wallpaper, curtains, shower stalls or joints in the bathroom.  Most likely it is a fungus or mold, and this may pose a direct threat to our health. Bear in mind that these spots are the indicators of excessive moisture in the apartment. These fungi’s are developed with few factors such are certain amount of moisture, certain ambient temperature, contact with oxygen and fertile ground.

In wet places, mold will easily emerge and will stay there until the complete eliminating of the main problem, which is the humidity. There are many possible causes for the humidity – from faulty ventilation all errors actions. Sometimes the reason is obvious: If the mold is located directly below the water main, under the window or directly in the shower, you probably are porous and repair will solve the problem of moisture.

If not, then you probably throughout the house are dominated by high humidity. In this case it is important to ensure proper circulation of air. In order to transport the moisture out of the apartment, you should ventilate the apartment several times a day. Five to ten minutes of ventilation will make a certain effect. Try ventilating the room with fully opened window.

It is also important that the room does not cool down too much. The internal temperature should never fall below 16 degrees. Otherwise you should very high energy input to re-warm the walls, and thus to grow and heating costs.

Proper heating and ventilation at the same time fulfills a dual purpose. Prevents mold and also reduces heating costs.

When it comes to eliminating the molds, there are many products on the market ways that can potentially cope with this problem, many stand out as the best and most effective, and the main ingredients of these product is- 100% alcohol. If you do not have or cannot get 100% alcohol experts recommend using at least 80% alcohol. In addition to alcohol, the products that can help you in combating mold and fungi , that are very well known but their use is not generally recommend, is  the 5-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide and household cleaners that contain chlorine, which requires professional use because chlorine in this form is detrimental to human health.

The proper way of cleaning the mold and fungi’s is not an easy task as it seems at first. Improper rehabilitation of mold spores could expand the mold spores all over the place and the eventual damage can be greater than the benefits.