Survive the post-divorce depression

, Survive the post-divorce depression

Divorce and death are among the most stressful experiences the lives of people who have entered into marriage. The final cessation is mostly accompanied by a lengthy period of mourning, depression and a sense that the whole world has irreversibly collapsed. One recent study reveals that people who go through a divorce they have 20% more chronic health problems than those who were spared this stress.

Although the fact is that the cliché “only time heals all wounds” is the case, psychologists bring up seven ways on how to survive depression after divorce:

Read books

Of course it is not good to lose touch with reality, but the time spent in a fictitious world helps the body to forget about everyday stress and suffering at least a few hours a day and all that keeps your mind off of a current situation will bring you good.

Change routines

If you normally run home just as soon as you finish with your work, change that at least once week and go out with your friends or join a sports club. Spending time with other people will force you to be kind and smiled, and to understand that life really goes on.

Make s plan

Specify exactly on what time of day will you eat, go shopping, cook, clean up, drink coffee, make minor repairs, go on a trip, and all the other obligations that you have so that you can fill the entire day with these tiny, everyday activities. Planning will help you not to spend too much time on thinking about the past and analyzing the unfortunate events and what went wrong.

Clean up

End of a love relationship should be marked with a ruthless general cleaning. The apartment that looks like a graveyard of memories will only prolong the agony. Things former partner should be returned or thrown away, and cleaning can be carried out in several stages.

Keep energy

The mental energy that is needed for daily cope with the divorce is equal to the energy that is spent in a full day of hard labor. Do not burden yourself with more activities and scurry around, focus only on those friends and events that are really important to you.

Defy stereotypes

One of the many stereotypes for the divorced people claims that they have difficulties with staying around happy couples. And also, rumors have it that because of their jealousy, the divorced people tend to “steal off” the happy couples partner. Promise yourself that you will break the stereotypes and restore the reputation of divorced.

Keep your dignity

It is better to be happy than right. Even if you blame your ex for marital end, forget the quarrels and mutual accusations because you do not need anyone to prove you’re right. Bickering will you just wake up negative feelings.

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