The most common Pay Per Click marketing myths

Pay Per Click Marketing is a relatively new channel of marketing which has experienced real expansion in recent years. This marketing tool has became a standard part of the marketing activities of a number of companies and individuals, however this does not mean that there is a lot of misconceptions related to this form of advertising.

First position = the most traffic

One of the most common misconception is that you only first position brings traffic. Many who are leading their campaigns tend to keep their advertisements on the number 1 position. They tend to raise their bid to achieve the first position even above the effectiveness cost. It is interesting that some studies have shown that in fact the position number 3 brings the most clicks since is the closest to  “natural” search results.

Advertising helps “natural” ranking

Paid advertising has no effect on the natural search results. Beware of those who promise you otherwise, it is likely that only wants to sell you their services. The thesis that Google will boost you because you pay is absolutely wrong. Google wants to provide the most relevant possible score on this search and this is what makes it the best browser in the world. They will not jeopardize their position because of your few hundred dollars.

The competition is clicking my ads

Justified fear that advertisers have is that their competition has rejoiced in advertising, especially when you have small budgets. Google has taken care of this. Google has the patent to follow on how you many advertisements have you clicked on and how much different are they. If someone rejoices at the same ad, its click will be taken as invalid and Google Team advertiser will not take off steam. Also, Google can follow various automated programs that are clicking on advertisements and make these invalid.

Small budget means smaller competitiveness

Although you have a small budget, you can easily compete with those who have drastically larger budgets. What Google looks at when choosing which ads will appear that is primarily the quality of advertisements.

Pay per click campaign can be led without maintenance

Many advertisers make campaign once and let her go alone without maintenance. It is needless to say that this approach is absolutely wrong. Campaigns must be follow on a daily basis and watch what results it. The biggest advantage of internet marketing is just that you can monitor the effect far better than offline campaigns and can be very easily in the middle of the campaign to remodel and upgrade. Monitor and adjust your advertising regularly.

Paid advertising will always be on the first page of Google

Many factors decide where you will place finish. It often happens that the advertisements appear on the second side of Google. Do not trust those who promise you that you will always be on the first page and even less those who promise you that you will always be the first in the search list. No one can promise advance position because it depends on many factors.

Display campaigns are not effective

This is often an opinion with advertisers particularly on Facebook. You need to understand what display advertising is and how to get the most out of it. Some tasks actually have higher profitability on display campaign in comparison to the search campaign.