The proper way of applying the perfume

There is hardly anything better than a good perfume that leaves trace after a man or a woman. A good perfume is an investment and certainly is one of the most expensive pieces in every makeup bag. This is one more reason to be disappointed when it does not last as long as we want, right? Here are some tricks on how and where to apply your expensive perfume in order to make the smell more intense and make it last somewhat longer.

The time of the application

We are almost sure that you have hardly ever considered on how the time of applying the perfume affects the intensity of the perfume and the duration of the smell.

However, the experts advise not to sprinkle perfume on yourself as soon as you get out of the shower, but just before you get dressed. This will keep our smell on clothes and therefore will last longer, and you will avoid stains perfume that arise when spraying after you get dressed.

No additional perfumed products

Each of us have a daily routine, but if you apply scented lotions and creams, your perfume will be lost in the crowd of smells, unless you use the products belonging to the same brand. The best solution if we want make the perfume lasts as long as possible is to apply some neutral smell lotion after we take a shower.

Do not rub the perfume between the wrists

Forget everything you’ve seen the movies, because what the actresses do when they spray their favorite perfume on the wrists and bruised that wrist with the other one is simply no good. But by doing that, your perfume will change the smell. Better option is to be sprayed on the skin directly and let the skin soak in that perfume.

Pulsation points

It is the best when the perfume is sprayed on the point pulsations, which are the joints and neck. That’s what I do, right? So they taught us, it certainly makes sense. These are the points where is released most of the body heat, so the smell of perfume expanding. But you should never forget the key thing – less is more! So do not go overboard with the amount you apply.

Applying the right way

It all depends on what you like and how he is used to, but the best option is to spray perfume in front of you, and go through the scented cloud. If you this approach seem rather wasteful, then spray the perfume a couple of times on the pulsating points and you are ready to go.

Let the perfume last longer

It is no secret that the scent will last longer on the skin if it applied to moisturized rather than dry skin. Another trick is to apply a little petroleum jelly on key points, and then spraying perfume over it. Drops of perfume will drown in Vaseline, and not in the pores of the skin, which will make the smell stay longer.

Don’t forget the hair

Remember to apply some of the perfume in your hair; you will achieve a great effect. Especially if you have long hair, the smell will accompany you and stay for you wherever you go. But keep in mind that your hair is clean. You should also take care if you have dry scalp, because the perfume further dry out because it contains alcohol, so be sure to spray from a distance.