Things to have in mind while considering the reconciliation with your ex

, Things to have in mind while considering the reconciliation with your ex

There are many reasons for ending a relationship. Some of them are valid, and some not. Whatever the reason was, the ending of the relationship was done. If you are considering about the reconciliation and wondering if it’s a good idea here are some tips. Before “stepping” back in time, find out which are the nine rules you need to follow if they want to reconcile with your ex.

The past should stay in the past

Do not mention the old quarrels and bad memories of the past. You are probably remembering them because you did not resolve when you should have. Never begin a conversation with: “Do you remember how we used to be …” The past is in the past and there should be forever.

Do not be a detective

If you’ve been separated for some time, there is a possibility that you both had someone else in the meantime. But it just does not need to be mentioned. The rule is that what happened while you were separated should not be mentioned nor negotiated.

Start from the beginning

Do not over think about what was before and what you cannot change. Try to start from the very beginning. Act as if you have met someone new. Give your partner a chance to prove that he will be different.

Be careful

Of course, that you have decided that you will forgive him and start over does not mean that you have to be blind. This rule is simple – be careful. Do not go overboard with checking, let them know that you care to try again, but be always somewhat aware of the old adage that “the wolf changes his hair, but never his character.”

Remember why you broke up

Why did you ever break up? You did not get enough love? Was there a case of unfaithfulness in the relationship? Whether through some of its procedures you could not move? Think carefully about these issues before you decide to go back to your partner.

Do not make the same mistakes again

People are very resistant to changes; but again, do not turn off chance that they can change. What you can do, to some extent at least facilitate the reconsideration, it is to make sure you do not repeat the mistakes of the past. If you have been too demanding and difficult, it is high time to change that. If you have in the past been emotionally untouchable, now relax and let your partner approach you.

Do not rush

When you get back together with your ex, the first thing you notice is that the emotions are automatically returned. But you have to slow down and think carefully. However you about something already ended the relationship. Act as if you first met him. If it is meant to be, you will be together and everything will be better than before.

Family and friends

Problems concerning usually do not concern only the two of you. When the partners quarrel, their loved ones are there to give them a shoulder to cry on. But when you get back together, make sure to tell them before you show up together at dinner with them.

Try new things

Before you jump again in relationship with ex, try something new. If you’ve always talked about going to dance classes, now is an ideal opportunity to do so. Perhaps some common hobby can make you even more joints than before. Most important of all is that you are completely sure you want to reconcile with him and it’s not just because you do not want to be left alone.

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