Tips on applying eyeliner

, Tips on applying eyeliner

Makeup process contains many small tricks and hacks, and if you are not sure how to improve the problems that you eventually keep making, they will happen often Applying eyeliner is one of the most difficult moves in makeup. You will be frustrated, but the aggravation will not result in a positive outcome but further despair.

While applying the eyeliner, it is likely that you will make mistakes and look unnatural, which is a complete opposite of what you had in mind. Many women have avoided eyeliner because it takes too much time to apply it. In addition to a steady hand and patience, it is necessary to have experience. For starters, you should read a couple of tips that will ease the process of make-up and emphasize the eyes.

Before you start make-up take a deep breath and be patient. Before eyeliner, properly apply a foundation. The color of foundation must be similar to your natural skin color to avoid an unnatural appearance.

When you are finished with the foundation, transfer your attention to your eyes. Highlight them as best you can and look beautiful. Take the eyeliner and make a thin line from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Make sure that your line goes up a little bit.

After the first line, take a brush again and go on the same line that you have already made, but when you reach the end of the fill portion which is located on the edge of the eye. This is how you get the desired look with the cat that will look sexy and seductive.

Before you finish makeup make sure the line is full. If it is necessary go again through the drawn lines. At the end you will be satisfied with their appearance.