To bluff or not to bluff?!

, To bluff or not to bluff?!

Here are some factors that you should consider when deciding whether to bluff or not:

  • Opponents type
  • Number of opponents
  • Your status at the table
  • Your “reading” skills
  • Pot
  • Position

Opponent’s type

It is not wise to bluff when you have weak opponents, who simply accompany each bet; these players are referred to as “calling stations”. This is a common mistake, so you want to be sure that the other player is skillful enough to know when to give up.

Number of opponents

It is not a good idea to bluff against three or more players, especially when you are playing a limit poker. Bluff will be more useful if it is used against one player. The reason for that is that the number of players is significantly small, and makes you risk less.

Your status at the table

If you have left an image that you are relaxed player, you are less likely to be successful at bluffing. If you have recently bluffed and were “caught”, other players will likely monitor your bet. However, reverse psychology can sometimes be successful in these situations, because when you get caught bluffing by a good player, if he considers that you are a good player, he’ll think you will try to bluff again.

Your “reading“ skills

If you are able to determine which cards might the other players have in their hands by “reading” them “, in many times you can break their bluff. This is, however, is the bluffing skill that is most difficult to develop, but it is also the most important one.


Those who play against you will probably follow your bet when the pot is significantly big, because their chances of winning that big pot are bigger. If you successfully bluff when the pot is big, your reward will be much higher. You simply have to use good judgment when it comes to these situations.


The situation when you are one of the last players who play gives you much more information about other players. Therefore, the position is much better for bluffing, rather than when you are one of those who play first. You can be one of those who play the latest and it is your plus. If you have a good opening and only a couple of players gave stake, consider a good bluff.

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