What to have in mind while drawing eyebrows

, What to have in mind while drawing eyebrows

Most women use the techniques of filling the eyebrow with the eyebrow pencils because this is the most practical and most accessible way. There are different methods of filling the eyebrows, but those techniques are often very expensive and most people you cannot afford it. We can say that using the eyebrow pencils is definitely most popular method that can be of great use if used properly.

When buying eyebrow pencil pay attention to its quality. Go past the wrists with a pencil to feel its consistency.

The pencil must not be too hard so as not to act rudely and not to draw lines too sharp. It should not be too soft so that it does not to smudge quickly and thus completely destroyed eyebrows look.

When shopping it is good to pay attention to the expiration date, and it is the case with the eyebrow pencil. Do not reach for pencils, which are reduced to their short shelf life because it is not good for the health of sensitive eye, and none are effective because their quality will be doubtful.

Also, choose a pen that matches with your complexion and hair color. Too dark eyebrows will make you look artificial and tasteless. If you have lighter skin, use a light brown eyebrow.

If you have slightly exaggerated with the plucking of the eyebrows, there is a great possibility that you will eventually lose the thickness of eyebrows with age. Therefore it is necessary to stop over-plucking your eyebrows. This can affect your aesthetic appearance and give you problems with self-confidence.

When filling in eyebrows, it is important that there are no make-up residues on them that could eventually interfere with the technique.

Cut down your eyebrows properly, following the natural growth and arch of the eyebrows. Do not ever use the razors to shape your eyebrows because the hair might eventually start to grow inwards and cause problems

Begin to fill the eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth. Let the arch of the eyebrow be slightly raised and thus try to monitor and fill the eventual gaps. Remember that the length of the eyebrow should be no longer than the end of your eye.

Once you have completed the process, comb them brush for the eyebrows, complete the makeup and you’re ready to go!

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