Top 10 traveling tips

, Top 10 traveling tips

If you are considering traveling to some distant countries, or even visit the city next to you, you probably want to travel safely and smartly. Therefore, we bring you some of the best traveling tips

1. Download the map of country you are visiting

Before you start your travel, it would probably be a good idea to download the map of the country you are visiting on your smart device.  This will save you a lot of money when roaming, especially if you go to another continent. GPS in your phone is free of charge, but downloading the map will consume certain traffic. Of course, you can always try to find a place with Wi-Fi, but do not count on it to be free at the places you will probably need it the most- the airport, bus or railway station.

2. Review the transportation options

Find out in advance how to get from point of disembarkation to the places you want to visit first. Maybe you decide on a taxi, but it is advisable to find out how much it will cost you, because taxi drivers in a number of countries have ‘elastic’ prices, that usually are somewhat higher to visitors than to locals.

3. Study the exchange rates

How else do you think to stay in a foreign country?

4.  Bring cash with you

In some countries, the cards are not accepted (Zambia, Panama and Tuvalu), so keep always have cash with you: dollars are valid a means of payment in most countries, and euro is strong in countries that have colonial past of some of Europe countries.

5. Distribute the cash

Sometimes you will find yourself in unpleasant or even dangerous situations. Hide most of your money in a well-hidden compartment of your bags or clothing, and leave some in your pocket or wallet.

6. Never show how much money you have

We believe that this advice is quite self-explanatory and very logical.

7. Print maps, schedules and contacts

In some countries, you cannot pass customs, if you do not show a return ticket, and at some airports will not let you pass without a written schedule. You will almost always need to address of the hotel you are staying in or your destination. Of course, all you have all those informations on your smart device, but do not show these devices and attract unwanted attention. It should be noted that many countries have limited access to electricity. Paper is a ‘mother’, especially in countries that are at very bottom of “attractive destinations” list.

8. Remember to bring a proper adapter

You would not want to try to charge batteries on your device, and only than realize that you cannot charge them because the plugging is different than those you are accustomed with.

9. Make a backup

If you bring along laptop or tablet on your travel, make a backup of your folders and documents to retreat the valuable informations, just in case your device gets stolen.

10.  Eat local food

Bear in mind that the traditional kitchens play a huge role in each kitchen. Since you are there, make the best of your travel and treat your palate with local delicacies.

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