Top 5 calorie counting apps

The fact is that losing weight is never easy. But when you do decide to loose weight, the most important is, of course, the will and the decision to eat fewer calories than you burn. in most of the cases, it’s easier said than done. The process of loosing weight is difficult, and the process of counting calories can make it even harder. Especially today, when new news about what is healthy and what is not, what makes you fat and what does not, what is recommended in the diet, and what not, changes every day…

This is where these 5 applications that will count the calories for you will not only come in handy, but will also help you to persevere and make the right decisions.

 My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal‘s Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker is arguably the most popular application for those who are ‘on a diet’. The app calculates the caloric and nutritional value of each meal you enter and has a base of more than 2 million of food and scanner for barcode of products.

MyFitness Pal(5 motivations for savings)

 Lose It!

This application is rather similar to My Fitness Pal app and also offers a barcode scanner, has a large base of the nutritional value of foods, and will also help you to compose the recipes for dishes that suit you for caloric and nutrient value.

Lose It!(5 motivations for savings)


This app will help you count calories, but also to change your eating habits – you are making the composition of your meals, and the app calculates the quality. You can create lists for the procurement of only healthy foods.

Fooducate(5 motivations for savings)

Shroomies Nutrition Menu

This application also has a database of foods which count caloric and nutritional value of your meal. In addition, there is also a base of 149 exercise program that will help you with burning off the calories.

Shroomies Nutrition Menu (5 motivations for savings)


With this application you should start to eat less by making you eat – slowly. Once set, the application will make a sound or vibrate to notify you when it’s time for the next bite.

EatSlower (5 motivations for savings)