Top remedies in fighting anemia

Anemia is state of a genuine lack of blood iron and low hemoglobin which makes your entire immune system very weak, and makes you very weak. According to WHO, around 2 millions of individuals (mainly children and women) suffer from anemia. Many doctors first suggest you do find adequate home medicines that are usually effective enough to stop your anemia. If you are wondering which those remedies are, here are some that might come in handy.

If you are browsing for the medicine against anemia, chances are that you have read about this herb in almost every source you have found. Consume nettle as much as possible. Nettle tea contains a great percentage of iron. Put one tablespoon of nettle leaves over 2 deciliters of hot water. Let it sit for 5 minutes, while the nettle releases all its characteristics. Drink it while it is warm, we recommend you 3 cups of this tea daily.

4 herbs tea
Mix the same amount of leaves of nettle, sage, thyme and mint. Pour 2,5 deciliters of hot water with these herbs and let the mixture boil for about a minute. After it has boiled, let the solution sit for a few minutes. Remove the leaves and put some honey and lemon in the tea. We advise you to drink this tea at least 2 times a day.

Horseradish tea
Put 20 grams of horseradish tea in 1 liter of water and boil it abound 20 minutes. Let it sit overnight, remove the horseradish and consume the tea 2 times a day, ideally between the meals.

Walnut leaves tea
Boil 20 grams of fresh walnut leaves for some 15 minutes in a liter of water, and drain the tea. Drink one cup of that solution a day, preferably just before lunch.

Garlic tincture
Clean and wash thoroughly 300 grams of garlic. Put it in a glass jar and pour a liter of pure alcohol over it. Let the tincture stand for three weeks. After that period, consume the tincture in a manner that you add 20 drops of tincture in a half glass of milk. Drink the mixture 3 times a day.

Cocoa cream
For this cream you will need:
• 250 grams of cocoa
• 250 grams of yellow sugar
• 250 grams of honey
• 250 grams of butter
• 2 tablespoons of sea salt
• 7 tablespoons of apple vinegar

Take all the ingredients and stir them well. Sip in the glass jar and take one tablespoon of cocoa cream 3 times a day.