12 best iPhone apps of 2014

, 12 best iPhone apps of 2014

Between iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, 2014 may have been one of the best years yet for iPhone users.

But killer updates from Apple aside, there was no shortage of great new apps this year. From killer new productivity apps, to some of the most addicting games to ever land on the iPhone, you’d be forgiven for not being able to choose the best new offerings, says Mashable.

  • 1.Acorns


    We all know investing properly is crucial for long term financial success but getting started can the most overwhelming and difficult part. Acorns takes the friction out of the process by investing the change left over from your everyday purchases into a portfolio managed by a financial professional. You can choose how much to invest, how aggressive you want to be and the app takes care of the rest. Acorns is free but costs $1/month once you start investing.

  • 2.Humin


    Humin reorganizes your contacts based on their relationship to you, making it really fast and easy to search for contact info with queries like “works at Mashable” or “met at ComicCon.” The app also learns from your past behavior to predict who you’ll want to get in touch with the second you launch the app so the more you use it, the smarter its predictions get.

  • 3.Hyperlapse


    Facebook gave us a slew of new apps this year but Instagram’s Hyperlapse was by far the best of the bunch. The app provides a really simple way to create stunning time-lapse videos— previously a labor intensive and time consuming task– and easily share them back to Instagram or Facebook. The app will even work with the iPhone’s front-facing camera so you can create time-lapse selfies.

  • 4.Jelly


    Twitter cofounder Biz Stone’s latest venture, Jelly, is premised on the fact that there are some questions not easily answered by a quick Google search. Some answers are better when they come from people you know (or who are at least in your wider social network). Ask a question using text, photos or map location and friends and friends of friends from your social circle will give you their best advice.

  • 5.Kim Kardashian: Hollywood


    Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian had one of the most popular (and most profitable) mobile games of the year, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood allows players to step into the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle of Kim Kardashian and other up and coming stars. Create a character and and work your way to the top by schmoozing with the right people, going to the right parties and— of course— with the help of advice from Kim K herself.

  • 6.LinkedIn Job Search


    It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a great place to find jobs but until the Job Search there wasn’t a good way to actually browse the company’s huge database of open positions from your phone. LinkedIn’s Job Search solves that with an app entirely dedicated to the network’s job postings. Users can browse open positions, apply for new ones or opt for personalized alerts when the type of job they want becomes available.

  • 7.Nuzzel


    There’s no shortage of news-reading apps but sometimes you just want to find the stories the people you know are reading. That’s where Nuzzel comes in and ensures you’re always up to date on the latest stories making the rounds on your Twitter feed. Created by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, the app surfaces articles your friends are sharing the most as well as items you may have missed from the last week. It’s not an all-inclusive news app but it’s a great way to find new articles relevant to you.

  • 8.Overcast: Podcast Player


    This podcast app from the creator of Instapaper is a simple yet elegant way to manage your podcasts. It handles the basics, like subscriptions and downloads, well but it’s the premium features that set this app apart from other podcast mangers. Smart Speed speeds up the silences within recordings to shave minutes off each episode without a detectable difference while Voice Boost equalizes the volume across the podcast so you won’t have to adjust the volume when a soft-spoken person comes on.

  • 9.Secret


    Launched at the start of 2014, Secret quickly captivated us by revealing just how many deep dark secrets our friends really have. Users post their secrets, deep and trivial alike, and all posts are anonymous– though users can see whether or not it came from someone nearby or someone they actually know. The app’s users are also especially engaged with the comments sections sometimes attracting hundreds or even thousands of interactions, which sometimes even make their way offline and into real life.

  • Swype


    The arrival of iOS 8 meant iPhone users could finally swap out and customize their keyboards and Swype’s gesture-based keyboard is one of the best out there. It supercharges your texting abilities by enabling lightning fast typing. Quickly swipe your finger over the letters you need and the predictive keyboard fills in the rest with minimal time between words.

  • Threes


    Proof that sometimes the simplest games can be the best, Threes is not only beautifully designed but awesomely addicting. Players begin the puzzle game by combining 1s and 2s into threes while matching higher matching numbers to get bigger multiples of threes. It sounds simple (and it is) but topping your best high scores gets progressively more challenging.

  • TwoDots


    Forget Flappy BirdTwoDots might just be the most frustratingly addictive game ever. It borrows some dynamics from its viral predecessor Dots but adds news levels and challenges. You’ll quickly learn it’s all about squares as you attempt to connect the right series of dots to make it past each level. The game looks whimsical but don’t let that fool you— chances are high that once you start you’ll be sucked in until the bitter end.

, 12 best iPhone apps of 2014
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, 12 best iPhone apps of 2014
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