Tricks for reducing temperature

With the arrival of the cold increases the number diseased, most common colds, inflammations and infections caused by viruses and bacteria that are accompanied by fever. Bear in mind that the fever is a good sign that your immune system is fully functional in fighting against viruses and bacteria’s.

In that said, we can state that the fever is not a disease, but a side effect of some process that is happening in the organism, whether it is chronic diseases, food poisoning, burns, medicines, heat stroke.. Children often tend to have a higher temperature, and elder people lower temperature due to the general vitality and the fact that younger immunity tends to be more aggressive in fighting viruses and bacteria, unlike the older immune system

Here you can read about natural ways how to reduce temperature without side effects.

Food and drinks

Never force a sick man to eat, especially not any type of extensively greasy food. Instead of helping the sick person, you are probably harming him more, forcing the organism to use energy for food energy, while the body at that period focuses most of the energy in fighting against the actual cause of the fever. The best foods in cases of fever are light vegetable soups, or water in which the vegetables were prepared, rice, chamomile tea. Also excellent addition for the strengthening of your organism can be royal jelly, Echinacea, garlic and horseradish.

Baths and compresses

A bath in lukewarm water is effective as the classic medications, but does not have any negative side effects. Compresses made of fresh tofu, kale leaves, cabbage on the forehead and the back of his head are just some of the useful tricks that can help in reducing a fever. In the case of very high temperatures, when the head is the hottest, you can try applying the compressions out of egg whites (except in the case if the person is allergic to eggs) or place a slice of raw potato on the feet.

Homeopathic remedies

Each homeopathic remedy will lower the temperature, but only when they are well chosen, will lower the fever and assist the body in destroying germs and speed up the recovery. In addition to fever, the homeopath takes into account the totality of symptoms and modalities – whether the patient better in a warm / cold room, if he is alone or he is better off in society, whether the temperature rises rapidly or slowly increases, which is the need for hot or cold drinks, absence of thirst, is irritable, weepy or quiet etc.