10 iPhone tricks you probably did not know

, 10 iPhone tricks you probably did not know

iPhone is definitely one of the most popular smartphones in the world. However, even if you have been using it for years, there is a possibility that you have not been exploiting the full potential of this device. Every major update that Apple issued brings the new opportunities.

We bring you some of them in case you missed.

Control switch

Control switch is the possibility that you can include in the menu Accessibility. This function allows you to tilt the head control other functions such as pressing the Home button. It can be very useful in situations where your hands are busy.

Debug by shaking

If you have misspelled text in a message, you can shake the device and pop up the question if you want to delete the written or continue writing. This function can also be applied to unwanted selection, copying or pasting the text.

Capture more photos at once

Taking a good photo of one attempt can be difficult. But there is the possibility of burst shooting. If you hold the capture key, instead of just pushing it, the iPhone will capture more photos and save them in a small gallery.

Location-based reminders

Surely you it has at least once happened that you have returned home from the store and realized that you forgot to buy some of the items. iPhone you using GPS may remind you of something depending on your location.

Blocking calls and messages

In the menu “Phone” within the “Settings” option, you can block the numbers from the numbers or contacts and escape their annoying and unpleasant calls or messages.

Close three applications at once

Advantageously, with this trick you can close more running applications. Take hold of them with three fingers and pull. You may act as you claw scratches on the screen, but the effect is more important than the impression.

Quickly turn off the flashlight

Enter the Control Center and find access to flashlight. When you turn it on, you can turn off the light using a shortcut to the camera on the screen lock.

Rejecting a call

When you are in a crowd or a meeting, and someone keeps calling you and does not understand your refusal as a ‘no’, you can easily send automated message. Just go to ‘Settings’, ‘Phone’ and select ‘Reply with Message’. Select one of the following messages or write your own. The next time someone calls you and you cannot answer, select the ‘Options’ until your phone rings and then “Reply with Message’.

Do Not Disturb

Regardless of whether you are in a movie theater, dinner or just want to take a nap in the afternoon, the iPhone offers you the ability to block calls. Select ‘Settings’ and then the ‘Do Not Disturb’. When you want to be available, simply turn off the option. You can specify at what time you want to be available (for example, during the night), that allow you can only call certain numbers that you have selected as favorites.

Inserting videos or photos in the mail

If you want to send a video or photo in the mail, simply when writing a mail, press the center of the screen and wait until the menu appears. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the option ‘Insert Photo or Video “which will take you to a folder with photos or video. Select the one you want to send and it will automatically be attached to your mail.

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