How to clean aquarium

Cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium for fish is very important. Fish as pets require special attention, but for beginners it is very important to know the basics about keeping aquariums.

Daily maintenance of the aquarium is fairly minimal. Observe the fishes every day to make sure that they look healthy and satisfied. This may seem silly, but the main cause of disease in fish is stress. Therefore, the happy fish does mean the healthy fish. Make sure that all the lights and filters are turned on and that they are working properly. Do not forget to feed the fishes every day.

Feed them only with the amount of food they can eat in the first two to five minutes. Any excess food will become debris in the bottom of the aquarium and can lead to disease or to excess nitrite levels.

Check the pH and water temperature in the aquarium once a week. Immediately make all necessary adjustments. When buying fish at a local pet store, make sure to check that they correspond to the conditions in the water. Pay attention to the fact that they vary from one fish species to another.

Cleaning the filter is very important. Filters collect the waste substances that fish excrete and residual amounts of food from the aquarium. Over time on the filters accumulates amount of  garbage and the filter cannot function properly if  not cleaned. In addition to eliminating waste, filter sometimes serves as a ventilation device, which improves the flow of oxygen in the tank. If the filter is clogged, circulation is slower. This limits the amount of oxygen in the tank. If you do not take care of this problem, it could pose a deadly threat to your fish. The good idea would be to change the filter in the aquarium every two to three weeks. You will know when you need to clean the filter and aquarium, because the water will become cloudy or smelly. Some filters need to be changed, while others should only be cleaned with water.

In order to properly change the water in the tank, you should do it gradually. Before you start with changing the water, first unplug the lights and equipment. Replace about a third of the water in the tank every two weeks. Tap water has to be treated in accordance with the instructions given to you, before you add it to the aquarium and adjust its temperature, so that it does not differ more than two degrees of temperature of the water. These data again check with the retailer you purchased the fish. In some purification and treatment of water from the water supply, it will be ready in an hour, while others need to stand overnight, before you pour in the aquarium.

Clean the aquarium walls with a sponge or wire to remove algae that were deposited there. Do this carefully so as not to disturb or scare the fish. Move rocks and decorations to release the garbage that is out there. Try to collect garbage while draining water from a bucket or with the help of the siphon with a vacuum. Cut off the withered leaves of aquatic plants. External aquarium wall clean with a sponge and clean water.. When you are finished, reconnect the lights and equipment.