20 things you should finally throw out of your house

The hoarding of unnecessary trifles, clothing and other items is not a rarity, and you would be surprised actually how common it is. These things tend to be the things we keep finding everywhere, and eventually, they keep getting in your way. We bring you a list that could help to systematically and easily free up space and get rid of unnecessary things.

  1. Old greeting cards that do not have any special meaning, but you still do not know why you hold them.
  2. Broken sunglasses that you unsuccessfully tried to repair or you are leaving on the side in order to repair them “one day”. Let’s face it that is never going to happen.
  3. Pens without ink or those pens that are missing a piece, or any dried markers or sharpies can go straight to garbage.
  4. Grocery plates or any food containers (mustard, sauces, ice cream and spreads) that you have washed, and really do not have a specific role for them.
  5. Plastic containers for which you cannot find the cover or covers without proper containers.
  6. Containers that cannot be properly closed.
  7. Old remote control which has long been doomed or ancient camera which there is no salvation.
  8. Sunscreen cream that you have bought 2 or 3 years ago. Bear in mind that these creams also have their own usage period.
  9. Scarves you have never worn, and probably never will. These items you do not have to throw necessarily away, you can donate them.
  10. Broken bracelets, earrings or necklaces of imitation jewelry which lacks beads.
  11.  Mismatched socks that you keep if you accidentally somewhere “bump into” the other pair.
  12. Magazines older than half a year in which there is nothing especially significant to you.
  13. Old clothes in which you will never fit or that you have not worn for more than two years.
  14. Tangled strings that cannot be untangled not even with a help of a magician.
  15. Favorite old bra which is doomed and torn pantyhose.
  16. Uncomfortable shoes that you do not wear because they are very uncomfortable, or that he has not been worn for five or more years.
  17.  Shattered and broken umbrella will hardly be of any use
  18. Ancient cell phone and chargers for mobile phone that do not work or are no longer used.
  19. Eyeglasses with broken frames or those with the wrong prescription that do not match you anymore.
  20. Foods and cosmetics with expired usage dates, powders and eye shadows that you can still manage to “squeeze”