Men during the partner’s pregnancy

, Men during the partner’s pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time that requires a lot of physical and emotional strength of both partners. The whole experience can be very stressful, but with a little patience and guidance, and gynecological advice, pregnancy and childbirth can become a very pleasant journey.

If you wonder what you can do to help, the answer is that, realistically, you can do a lot. According to specialist, men’s roll during the pregnancy is significantly increasing and here are some of the advices on how to react and what to do when your partner is pregnant.

Get involved

Be there by her side as much as possible, when going to examinations, the ultrasound, when choosing a name. Now it’s up to you to be patient with her during this delicate period and discuss everything.

Be patient

It is quite normal for a pregnant woman to be a little abrupt, brusque, and provide easy out of the clock, especially during the last trimester. Patience will save you and help her.

Keep the passion

Pregnancy does not imply sexual abstinence, although in certain situations, the abstinence is required. Any tips on this subject will be provided by a gynecologist. Sometimes the condition is such that you must avoid sex until the end of pregnancy. In addition, women sexual desire will grow and decline rapidly during that period. Do not force it, but if the doctor has given the green light, there is no reason not to do this wonderful act. Finally, sexual games during pregnancy will increase the woman’s confidence and improve the image of her appearance and body.

Positive impact

Help your partner to eat properly, encourage her to make some exercise – yoga or walking – of course, in consultation with the gynecologist.

Be masseuse

Massage her back, feet, and hands. This will be very necessary for her, because the back and feet are exposed to the greatest stress during the pregnancy.

Go to maternity courses

the courses will prepare you for the birth process itself, in case that she wants or allows you to stay with her during the entire labor, it is a very important to be prepared, so be sure to be with her because she needs encouragement and support.

Inclusion after birth

Your role of helper does not stop with the birth of a child. You must be her support after pregnancy equally, if not more so than during it. This includes feeding the baby, changing diapers, and so on. Your girl can still be prone to sudden mood changes and it is quite normal. Prepare for it. Be gentle and talk a lot. In the case that the situation with her serious and that you cannot console, be sure to consider seeking professional help because it may be about postpartum depression.

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