7 effortless beauty tips that will make you look fabulous all day

Living in a crazy world, being too busy every day makes it really difficult to keep your look all day long. Early in the morning, you leave your home looking really good and fresh but your everyday activities exhaust you so much that you can’t recognize yourself when you get back.

Just like all of us, you want to keep your makeup in place, you want to smell good all day long and you want your manicure to remain impeccable!

No need to worry because we prepared for you 7 effortless beauty tips that will do the job:

  • An easy way to keep your makeup in place is to use primer. No one wants their makeup to melt down in the middle of a busy day or right before they go out with friends after work. Primer conceals tiny imperfections and minimizes pores, and it gives you a smooth uniform base which will ensure a long lasting makeup.

  • You don’t want your lipstick to disappear as soon as you leave home and there is something you can do about it. Before applying lipstick, always put a little bit of foundation on your lips because that will give your lipstick something to hold on to. Don’t forget a lip pencil; outline your lips and then fill in – it will definitely help your lipstick last longer.


  • You ran out of deodorant when you desperately need it? No need to worry because a mouthwash can help you smell good too! Instead of spraying deodorant, put a little bit of mouthwash on a cotton pad and rub your armpits with it. You armpits will be bacteria-free and thus odor-free!

  • To keep your eyelashes perfectly curled all day, you will only need an eyelash curler and a hairdryer. The trick is to slightly warm the curler with a hairdryer and then curl your lashes. They will stay in shape much longer and you will not have to curl them every few hours.

  • No matter how expensive is your perfume, it cannot stay in place and it fades quickly on you? Here is what you can do about it: before applying your perfume, take a little bit of Vaseline and rub it over your perfume points. The perfume will last longer because it will have something to hold on to.

  • To keep your eyebrows in place all day, use hairspray. Put a little bit of hairspray on your old mascara wand and comb your eyebrows with it. It will be much easier to shape them and it will ensure that they stay the way you made them.

  • You had so many things to do and errands to run that your hair lost its volume and freshness during the day? We have a solution! You can use baby powder to refresh your hair. Rub it into the roots and then brush your hair to remove the excess. It will absorb grease and give volume and thickness to your hair.

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