9 applications for music lovers

It is not news that smart phones are very multi- functional. One of their functions definitely is listening to music. But sometimes built-in music players are simply not enough for true music lovers. Fortunately, today we have a whole series of musical applications to listen to music on a mobile phone with a true pleasure. We offer you a choice of 9 excellent applications that you should try, if you do not already have on your phone.

Jet Audio

This is one of the best music players of a high-quality sound which real enthusiasts will surely appreciate. The application uses multiple effects and plug-ins for better sound like AM3D supplement and Bongiovi DPS. (Android, Windows Phone)

TuneIn Radio

This app is one of the most popular applications for listening to radio stations over the Internet. TuneIn uses feeds from more than 100,000 stations around the world and four million podcasts.  The app recommends you radio stations by location where you are. (Android, iOS)


Many music applications allows you to listen to your most famous artists, but SoundCloud will also help you find your new favorite band that you never knew existed. It’s free and is designed for those who want to discover new bands and to share that discovery with others. It is a small social network of music fans. The app also provides young musician an opportunity because they can share their work and reach greater audience. (IOS, Android)


This application is a must on the list of anyone who wants to quickly discover that a song playing on the radio. Shazam is known for having excellent results in the recognition of songs in a few seconds, and it can even make it in noisier environments. (IOS, Android)


This is also another famous application for reaching the name of a song and artist. If you even sing or hum a song yourself, the app will tell you that you have to guess the exact note. (IOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry)


This application is good for music and video. They will recognize the songs you are listening to and add album covers and lyrics. There is also the ability to play music by your mood by activating the Mood Player. You tell the application how you feel, and it will suggest you appropriate songs. Also, depending on how you load music to the phone, you will receive recommendations for additional choices. When you give a positive feedback on a song, the application will add it to your playlist. (Android)


Songkick is a great app for those who like concerts. The app makes you a personalized calendar of concerts of those artists whose songs you have in your phone and announces you when your favorite band has a concert nearby. (Android, iOS)


The application has the largest base of verses. It will recognize the lyrics of the song that is playing near you. (Android, iOS)

Groove (iOS)

If you have a lot of songs download and often are not sure which one to play first, this application will help you with your choice. It creates a playlist of 25 songs (or 15 to 35) according to your listening habits, genres and artists that you prefer.