Apple MacBook Air 12” – the thinnest and lightest model so far

Although it has not yet officially been launched, it looks like the new design of the MacBook Air is detected. Apart from a smaller device, the design of the latest Air MacBook is slightly changed so that the device is rounder and thinner than earlier versions. Apparently, Apple wants to set new standards when it comes to ultra books, and the new 12-inch MacBook Air could serve as a good example.

Another novelty is that the Apple has this time removed the “click” on the trackpad, enabling him to further reduce the thickness of the device, and the trackpad is somewhat narrower but higher than the currently available version.

As is known, the new Air will only have one USB Type 3, which is smaller, faster and has more features than the USB 2.0 and 3.0, and which could serve as a charger, and one slot for a microphone / headset. This time, Apple has removed MagSafe charging standard, SD Card slot and even Thunderbolt. Although this could be another change to the official announcement, it is interesting that Apple wants to get rid of almost all the ports from this device.

12″ MacBook Pro will have a higher resolution screen than the previous models, but despite the growth of the screen diagonal dimensions, its overall dimensions are shortened. Size of strips around the screen will be reduced, as well as the rest of the chassis and the keyboard will be from one end to the other, and the spacing between the keys themselves will be further reduced. Width trackpad will be almost being the same size as the predecessors, but the height will be slightly increased. In addition, the trackpad will not make a click on the physical pressure, and one of the reasons for this is the further reduction of the thickness of the device which is, obviously, the basic idea is that Apple leads in the development of this model.

Four speaker holes will also be used for ventilation of the device in that will not incorporate a conventional fans.

The new Apple’s patent for the touchpad sensors will be used instead of the standard physical buttons which will allow the new MacBook laptops to be even thinner.

A novelty in the range of Apple’s notebooks should appear on the market in mid-year, although some rumors suggest that the company is already very close to the start of production. Given that Intel has just revealed the new processors in its offer, it is likely that they will find in the new gear, and yet to be seen whether the MacBook Pro line of computers finally experience upgrade to a higher screen resolution.