Breaking the top 8 technology myths

, Breaking the top 8 technology myths

The fact is that, despite the increasing number of modern technological tools that we use, the amount of information available to us when it comes to the use of these devices is inversely proportional to the number of devices and our knowledge of their proper use. Here are only some of the common myths about the use of smartphones, tablets and computers that were, often without solid arguments rooted in our everyday life.

Apple computers cannot be infected with the virus

The idea and myth that ​​Mac computers as machines cannot get infected by the viruses actually came from the Apple to prove the superiority of PC computers, and the best denial occurred in 2012 when the Trojan successfully infected tens of thousands of the Apple computers.

Incognito searching is anonymous

This myth is false. If you use the “incognito” search option in Google Chrome or the “private” in Safari, it simply means that the browser will not record search history, bookmarks enter or be automatically logged into accounts in use. But none of this means that your identity will remain anonymous.

Leaving the phone on the charger during the night will destroy the battery

This myth is incorrect as well. Most of the users full your phone at night and the phone stays connected even after the battery is charged. So far, there is no evidence that this practice may damage the battery of your phone. New generations of smartphones are using the lithium batteries that are, as well as phones themselves, enough “smart” to stop charging once reach full capacity of energy.

More megapixels = better camera quality

It seems that there is little difference between the camera that has a 12 megapixel camera and the one that has 8 megapixels. Image quality depends on how the sensors are sensitive to light. Of course, larger sensors come bundled with more megapixels and as more megapixels the more light can be absorbed. So, in this case size is what matters, not the number.

Do not fill your phone if the battery is not fully discharged

This is not true. Lithium batteries submitted charge when not fully discharged, moreover, such charge may even be better solution for them. Battery life depends on how you charge it is when it is completely empty or when empty, but on whether the battery has reached the maximum number of charge cycles.

Smart phones have a higher screen resolution

This is not always the case. LG G3 has 2560×1440 resolutions, which is much higher resolution than was the average smart phone 1920×1080 resolution of the models prior to the LG model. However, it was not proven that the difference in numbers makes a difference in quality due to the fact that the human eye can distinguish the pixels only to a certain limit. That is why, for example, Apple focuses more on brightness than the pixel density of the screen.

iPad chargers should not be used to charge your iPhone

This is partly true and false. Specifically, official website says Apple that the iPad battery can be used for the iPad and iPhone. But the experts claim that that this practice could damage the battery of your iPhone, and the consequences of harmfulness of such practices would be visible only after a long time.

You do not have to turn off your computer every day

And in this case there are “for” and “against” power, however, it seems that the computer is better off turned off rather than be put on “sleep mode in order to recover components, which will be the long term extend the life of your computer.

, Breaking the top 8 technology myths
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, Breaking the top 8 technology myths
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