Change the motorcycle engine oil

, Change the motorcycle engine oil

Motor Oil is the easiest and most effective way to extend the life of your motorcycle, and this operation you can do for yourself if you have a few tools and the will. The act should be done every six months or at every 5,000 kilometers passed.

1. Free the access to the engine

For starters, get a proper oil, a new filter and gasket on which will be discussed later in this article. Unleash the access engine by removing any shell. Of course, when you do this, carefully dispose all of the screws, for you will, naturally, have to screw them back.

2. Remove the oil fill plug

Remove the oil fill plug usually by turning it counterclockwise. Before you drain the old oil, you should unscrew the lid opening through which you add new oil. This will avoid creating a vacuum and accelerate the discharge of oil.

3. Remove the cap for dispensing

Place a suitable container under the engine and use a proper tool to unscrew the plug openings for discharge of oil, which is located at the bottom of the sump. Be careful at the end, as the oil, which can be hot, will quickly start to leak. Do not spill the Old oil anywhere because it can and will pollute the environment. Take it to a car service, they should dispose it properly.

4. Remove and replace the gasket

Seal cap for oil discharge is usually aluminum pad designed to deform under pressure, which prevents oil leakage. This part must be replaced each time you replace the oil.

5. Clean the cap for dispensing

Top of the filler cap for dispensing the oil is usually magnetized and serves to attract the iron from the filings that is result of internal friction of metal engine parts. So do not worry if you find these parts at this cap, just remove them with a clean cloth.

6. Remove the oil filter

While oil continues to leak, remove the oil filter using special tools if you have one, if you do not try the towel and hand. After removing it, make sure that the sealing rubber is still on it.

7. Remove the coarse filter

To remove larger particles, unscrew and remove the plastic filter in the form of the net which is located on the side of a motor. First clean the grid with a clean cloth until you remove all particles with it. Then, if possible, Blow smaller chips with compressor. Now that all the plugs and filters are removed, clean the openings with a clean cloth to remove any dirt and so ensure that later these parts fit back properly.

8. Install the new oil filter

Every new oil filter has proper sealing rubber. Make sure it is in place on the filter and its upper surface lubricates the new engine oil to keep it properly fit to the opening. Then, using the power of your hands, turn the new filter into the hole on the engine. In doing so, you may not use the tool, because you can tighten the filter too hard and damage the seals, which could lead to oil leakage.

9. Replace the plugs and pour oil

When the old oil drains out completely, it may take a few minutes, use a clean cloth to clean the hole through which it came. After you put it on a new aluminum gasket, screw the bottom plugs, and then replace the net filter into place.

Consult the instructions for use of the motorcycle in relation to the amount of engine oil, and through corresponding funnel top up somewhat less than this quantity. Replace the cover of the oil fill and start the engine. Allow it to run at idle for one minute, then turn off.

10. Check the oil level

Once the engine was slightly idling, wait about a minute to allow the new oil to pour into the crankcase. Make sure the motorcycle is on a flat surface, and then check the oil level (in some models it can be done through the window on the side of the engine). If the oil is below the prescribed level, carefully top up to the prescribed level. When you do this, the process is completed – you have successfully replaced the oil on your two wheel pet.

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