Characteristics of Android 5.0.- Lollipop

Android 5.0.1- Lollipop is not just a mild upgrade as was the case with the Jelly Bean-KitKat transition, but it was a pretty big improvement with a complete redesign of the user interface, which brings with it a multitude of new features.

Android 5.0.should drastically change the lifetime of your battery.

The new release of Android 5.0.brings many interesting novelties related to the camera, but for the average user the most important is that the application of external suppliers can access minimally processed photographs, which means that you will shoot to DSLR-style, rather than in the .jpg format.

Samsung Knox platform is built in Android 5.0.1, to make Android more attractive to business users. This basically means two things. First, you can use the device in business and private purposes because it is divided into two spheres that do not mix and second is that you will have problems related to expire of licenses and warnings that you seem to be overly adjusting the Android.

With the new edition, the root will be more difficult to perform than before, and perhaps even impossible.

Android 5.0. is an eco-system that is constantly evolving, and with it the design principles that you should follow if you use that platform. The official Google apps show among the first what can be expected from future versions of Android and provide a template by which developers and designers can customize their interface.

Playful and colorful, Material Design will dominate the Android 5.0. on web and the desktop. The new release comes with a revised system font Roboto and completely new animations, including feedback for touch. It is even possible to make animations between applications, activities and displays.

Notifications are now available directly on the lock screen and they will lead you directly to the appropriate application without closing the one you used at the time when the notice arrived.

If you have a smart watch and you have activated the voice recognition, you can keep your smartphone unlocked. As soon as you leave the space that is considered as safe, stop talking or remove the device that is connected via Bluetooth, the smartphone will assume that should it should lock itself. This will reduce the need for unlocking and constant entering passwords.


Applications will be opened more quickly, since the built-in support for 64-bit processing, improved graphics performance for gaming in high resolution.

Updates for Google Play Services are delivered every six weeks, with fresh data needed to detect malware, “patches” for security vulnerabilities and the long-awaited option for disabling or deleting the device remotely in case of theft.

Android Wear is one of the key options. Smartphone is designed as a center of activity, but wearable devices are a key mediator for casual interactions, in order to reduce the need for resorting to a mobile phone. Full SDK is already available to developers.

Google Fit is a new set of APIs, collects data from a variety of applications for fitness and sensors in your smartphone and all the supporting equipment you use and store them in one place, on which are available in an instant.