Tricks for visually altering the interior

In many cases it is possible to visually change the appearance of the structure of space through the use of color, details and lighting. In other word, by emphasizing the quality of space you can focus the eyes of the beholder from the less attractive features of that same area.

Visually enlarge a small space

It has been proven that colors affect in our psyche.Colors seem to have a great affect on our daily life. When we enter a space,first thing we note are the colours that dominate and then the forms in the rooms.

According to the experts  on colors, blue color soothes both positive and negative electromagnetic fields around our bodies and so improves our inner peace. Green seems to have soothing effect on eyes and helps in meditation,while purple color seems to activate the creativity. Once you visually increase the space by using cold colors, make a counterbalance with the use of warm details.

– Use mirrors wherever you feel it is appropriate. If you cover the whole wall with the mirrors, that will create the illusion that the room is twice as big.

– Choose the furniture that is the same color as the background space ie. walls or furniture like translucent glass table. In that way , furniture to blends visually with the background and regardless of their size does not impose its presence within the space. The use of furniture smaller size will not necessarily help but use a smaller number of pieces of furniture will.

Lights that illuminate the walls and ceiling visually increase the space. These are so-called “uplighters“.

Visually reduce of large spaces

Use a dark, warm, ‘intrusive’ color on all surfaces. Red is the strongest  and of all colors and represents the excitement and warmth. A little tip: Use the red only for the details, for painting walls, dark shades of red are more convenient than light shades.Brown color makes an elegant and comfort impression in all its shades.

Arrange the furniture by “zones”.  Make a “zone” seating and communication in the living room or “zone” for reading, „zone“ for dining… The color of furniture should makes contrast with the color of the walls.You do not need to insist on the black – white combination. But make a certain color contrast that fits your tastes.

Use lights that beam of light directed toward the floor, and the ceiling and walls remain in the gloom, the so-called “Downlighters“.

Visually lowering the ceiling

Use the darker colors in the treatment of ceiling and floor, and in the treatment of the walls, choose bright and cool colors. Bright and cool colors make the walls and buildings in the area seem more distant, so the rooms visually gets the width, while dark colors visually lower the ceiling

– Emphasize the horizontal part of the space. Add details like framed pictures and photos, borders and stucco on the walls or blinds on the windows.

Arrange the furniture in the lower part of the room, and furniture height should not exceed 180-200 cm.

Point the sources of light to lower part of the room. The best way to achieve this is to  set “downlighters” on the ceiling and..

Visually raise the ceiling

Treat the ceiling and the floor with bright and cool colors,and apply the  darker colors on the walls. As for the last layer ceiling processing, apply a color that reflects light. In this way you will create the illusion of heigher space.

Emphasize the vertical part of the space, so that you decorate the windows  with long curtains and walls of the pan with two vertical wall coverings.  Hide the horizontal lines. Do not place borders, nor various framed items on the wall, such as framed pictures or bulletin board.

When planning to light a space, point the several sources of light toward the ceiling. Ypu can do this by placing few “uplightersa” on the walls.