How to make a tree house

, How to make a tree house

A tree-house has to be made to measure the tree, and the construction should be safe and solid. We bring you some guidelines on how to make a house with a wooden frame fixed by iron bolts, wooden ladders, safety rungs, floorboards spread apart to allow rainwater leakage. You can set the tent as a roof to provide shade and shelter.

Choose a tree with solid branches that spread from 1.5 to 2 m above the ground, for example, the old apple tree. Make sure that branches are not rotten. .


The length that you need depends on the size of the house. Buy pre-treated wood or treat it with protection for wood

For two or more supporting beams, use the wood dimension of 150×50 mm. For the basic framework you will need a four-board measuring 100 x 50 mm to form the site – also include the central support if the frame width is exceeding 600 mm. You will need five boards of 50 x 50 mm to trap in the corners and at the door.

For floor and lateral bars use planks each measuring 100 x 25 mm. Ladders are made of planks size of 60 x 38 mm to the struts and 50 x 25 mm to 300 mm long bar.


For each corner joint use three iron BOLT 10 mm diameter and 115 mm long (with nuts, gaskets and wooden plugs). Use two or more bolts for the door frame and two for fixing the ladder. To attach the frame to the supporting beams, use four or more screws of 200 mm. Also you need and zinc plated grooved BOLTS, the rung of the ladder, the lateral bars and the floor and 150 mm long nails to fix the beams on a tree.

Making the ladder

Using the clamp connect the struts the edges of 38 mm upwards. Use a saw and chisel to make equal slots for each rung of the ladder spaced 250 mm from tip to tip, possibly closer to young children. Let the slots be 25 mm deep so that bars and struts are aligned. First, fasten top and bottom bar, to get the total width of 300 mm. Circle the top of the front edge of each spoke using a rasp.


Cut off the support beams on the proper length and attach it to a tree. Cut the saw base frame and vertical boards to the correct length. Let the two side boards extending the full length of the frame, and the other two place between them. Vertical boards are attached to the base frame with three iron wedge, two from one direction and one from another.

Carefully mark the positions of the holes for the bolts on the bottom of each vertical boards and 100 mm from the edge of the lower part, and then drill holes continue to drill 13 mm. Also drill two holes for dowels for trap door in the side board – let the door to be wide 315 mm so that they can fit the ladder. Check the boards on which it will be connected with rafters, and then cut deep slots of 50 mm.

Assemble the frame at the bottom, so that the base parts stand at the edges. Connect the parts by inserting two of those parts of 50 mm at each end to be able to place vertical boards.

Wedges attach each compound. Tighten bolts and seals nuts and tighten them with a spanner. Have someone help raise the frame at beam and set it in place. Ensure the iron wedges as illustrated, drilling the holes of 13-19 mm if necessary.

Drill holes in door pillars and secure ladder. Screw on the floorboards of the frame, leaving a gap of about 25mm between each board. Fasten the lateral to vertical boards to a height of at least 750 mm.



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