DIY beanie

Knitted hats are definite hit this season, not only because they keep the head warm, but they make a great fashion accessory. Winter is slowly passing, and you have come to realize that you have sweater you will hardly ever wear. Why not use the old sweater and make a beanie from it, or even two?

Before you begin, it is important to know that the beanies come off best if you use sweaters of medium tensile. So the knitting patter should not be too tight, not too soft


Materials you need are:

  • The old sweater,
  • Scissors,
  • The meter,
  • Glue for fabric or needle and thread or sewing machine

Step 1: Measure the height of the beanie that you require, count on an extra 1cm for the seams, and cut the rear bottom part of the sweaters. If you want sloppy cap, make the heights a bit longer.

Step 2: Cut the seam on one side to get a long piece of material.

Step 3: Measure the circumference of your head across the forehead, and accordingly to these measures cut a piece of fabric that you have cut in the Step 2.

Step 4: Fold that piece of fabric in equal thirds.

Step 5: Cut the upper part to get a semi-circular shape, and spread folded knitting.

Step 6: Fold the knitting in half, so that the reverse is outside and connect the side edges with glue, needle and thread or with the help of machines – what suits you best.

Step 7: Now open the cap from the top where you have three semicircular. Connect adjacent, until you close the hole.

Step 8: Turn over the cap on the reverse side and that’s it!