DIY doily lantern

, DIY doily lantern

This is a great project for romantics who crochet or have a bunch of doily that they can no longer seem to place anywhere into their interiors – make a lamp that will appeal to everyone and that will impress all and at the same time will be a real romantic and made of elements that you love.

You will need:

  • doily,
  • Balloon, the bigger the better,
  • Vaseline or similar tool to lubricate the surface of the balloon,
  • Glue for wallpaper or, better yet, wood glue and brush coating
  • LED or energy-saving lamp.

Step 1:

Inflate the balloon and optionally coat it with Vaseline. The balloon that is coated it is easier to separate the doily from.

Step 2:

Gather the entire doily that you have and that you want to use on this project. Note that with a very rare crochet can sometimes also be more difficult to keep a tight together and in according to that, it would be better to choose those doily that is not too “hollow”.

Step 3:

Soak the doily with wallpaper glue. If you have glue for wood it can be used: Note: glue for wood will keep better than glue wallpaper paste, but is also more expensive.

Step 4:

Cover the inflated balloon with doily elements making sure that the edges of the doily overlap – this is critical for future density of the shade or decorative element.

Step 5:

When all elements are glued to the balloon, coat it with another layer of glue to better keep the doily. When you have finished gluing, leave the balloon to dry for some time, it would be good to leave it over night. If you want, you can once again smear the whole element of glue and wait until this layer is not completely dried up.

Step 6:

When all is dry, take a needle and pierce the balloon. Carefully pull the rest of the balloons from your new shade. Insert the lamp with cable and secure lampshade using wire so as not to fell with lamps.

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