DIY interesting ice cubes

Here is a small idea that is very decorative, and functional. All you need to choose the right detail. Cucumbers, strawberries, wild strawberries, grapes, blackberries, fresh mint leaves, lemon and other citrus fruits … All that you can put in your ice cubes.

It is important to first boil the water and allow to fully cool before you freeze it. In this way, you will have crystal and transparent dices that fully revive the detail inside.

chop the Fruits and vegetables into small pieces and put them  (piece by piece) in ice trays and pour over them previously boiled and cooled water. You can also use edible flowers, because it looks so great in the cubes. Freeze. Make sure that the ingredients you choose to put in the water are suitable for beverages in which you plan to use them

Let’s say, for spritzer and vodka, the best would be to use ice cubes with raspberries, blueberries and thyme. With the Bloody Mary, the ideal solution is lemon filled dices. For gin and tonics use lavender or lime. Ice cubes with cucumbers and mint add to a glass of water perfect summer refreshment.