Restore the softness of the towels

Surely you’ve noticed how new towels after a few washes, no more softness, regardless of the conditioner you use. We’ve found a couple of very simple tips that will make your towels again become soft.

The most common reason why do the towels lose their softness very quickly and become hard is because of the commercial laundry detergents and hard water. Fortunately there are a few tricks that can neutralize these harmful effects and to make your towels as fluffy as when you first bought them.

  • Wash the towels separately, and do not overload the machine and do not mix them with other types of fabric, as parts of other fabrics can damage the towels.
  • Although it sounds a bit strange, during the washing of towels, use less fabric softener, because it contains enzymes that will eventually create a layer that resembles wax, and which will completely destroy the absorbent power of the cloth. Also, use only half or less of the recommended amount of washing powder.
  • It is recommended that you wash your towels at the highest temperatures and double-switch the flushing program. During the first washing pour half a cup (125 mL) white distilled vinegar into your machine that will help your towels restore softness and will help remove any powder residues . The second rinse cycle will completely neutralize the smell of vinegar.
  • If you dry the towels in the dryer, you can always use the good old trick with a tennis ball that you put into the machine together with towels. The bouncing ball will during drying gently hit the fabric and restore its softness. Use this trick during each drying.