, DIY lazy bag

Lazy bags are famous for their cosines. Kids simply love this seat, and with a little material and little crafting you can make your own lazy bag within an hour of effective work. After that you can afford to be lazy in your own lazy bag.

Materials needed:

Two bigger pieces of stiffer fabric

55 cm zipper

Charging for lazy bag (Styrofoam grains)

Step 1:

Cut the fabric into two parts of equal dimensions. The ideal dimensions would be precisely 112.5 x 80 cm. place the fabrics placing them so that the outer pattern of the fabrics (the one that you want to display) is put together. Sew the fabrics by the long sides.

Step 2:

Fold the fabrics on the width into two parts so that the sewed parts are folded in half. Cut 6 inches of the one part of that half in a way that you get a semicircle on the side you have folded. The next step is to sew that semicircle.

Step 3:

Spread the fabric at the straight side of the lazy bag and fold it in the way that the sewed parts of long sides are overlapping, and sew the zipper on that part. Make sure to sew as better as possible.

Step 4:

Fill your lazy bag with whichever filling you have chosen. We advise you the styrofoam granules.


If you want to make sure your lazy bag “filling” stays within a lazy bag, sew 2 lazy bag fabrics for one lazy bag.

Now sit down placing the zipper on the floor and enjoy your bag.

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