How to make a simple snow paint

, How to make a simple snow paint

If you want to make a snow play project that in somewhat differs from traditional making snowman or sliding, you would want to try this simple but creative trick. Just follow our advice and your chinl will be thankfull, trust us.

For this project you will need:

  • Bottle with a narrow opening or spray application
  • Food colors
  • Water


Fill the bottle with water, then put food coloring. Add the amounth of color depending on the shade you want to achieve. For more intence colors, add somewhat more of the food color into the water.  Close the bottle with a narrow cork or a spray. Shake the bottle to mix the color and water.

Once you have prepaired the paints, and once the winter has prepaired the natural white canvas, gather your little artists. Make sure to dress them well and arm them with warm materials like hats, gloves and scarfs.

They will sure enjoy themselves painting and you will enjoy making the memories.

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