The Cicret bracelet – future on your forearm

, The Cicret bracelet – future on your forearm

In a variety of bracelets that appear, Cicret stands out as the complete functional interface that enables you to perform all the usual functions offered by smartphones or tablet on your own forearm.

This simple bracelet is equipped with a miniature LED projector that displays the image on the forearm; a series of eight sensors are responsible to read what you show and what you want to do. The smart bracelet can detect with sensors a touch on the skin and send it to the device itself – by pressing the projection screen on the skin you can perform all functions as if the holding a smart phone or tablet. Due to the built-in sensor bracelet will easily recognize the key you want to compress.

In the bracelet plan the company plans to incorporate the chip sp that the users can easily and quickly connected to the Internet and Bluetooth to connect with their smart phones.

Cicret manufactures have portrayed the smart bracelet as a tablet computer on your own body. The bracelet will come in two versions, with the memory of 16 and 32 GB in several colors. This small but unique device is built with an accelerometer, memory card, ROM, processor, vibration, micro USB port, battery, LED, WIFI component, Bluetooth, projector and proximity sensors. Currently, innovators biggest problem is the life of a battery.

As an advantage, the manufacturers pointed out that the bracelet is rather small and practical and it’s water resistant.

Despite the fantastic announcement that the bracelet could eventually replace smartphone or tablet, it appears that the device is still too small to be able to contain all the necessary components of modern mobile devices, such as a stronger processor, sufficient memory and battery duration. Additional speculation suggests that the Circle bracelet could be just the long arm of a smartphone or tablet that is near and perform all tasks, while the bracelet serves only as an external display – a kind extended Cast-screen and from Android-5.0

Even so, the bracelet could be very useful because it is always with you, and all the components it contains can be hermetically sealed and resistant to water, dust, mustard, ketchup, beer and natural disasters.

The company announces the production of the bracelet to June 2015.

, The Cicret bracelet – future on your forearm
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, The Cicret bracelet – future on your forearm
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