Gamer’s heaven – ASUS B85M – Gamer motherboard

, Gamer’s heaven – ASUS B85M – Gamer motherboard

Asus has at the end of last week released the latest motherboard made just for fans of video games – called B85M-Gamer.

The arrival of a new generation of Intel processors holds the consistent tries of the company which truly cares about the gamers. Asus has introduced B85M-Gamer; motherboard specialized for fans of video games. The reason why B85M-Gamer, should be loved by  PC owners are its resistant components, outstanding network performance and integrated high quality sound card.

B85M-Gamer is one of a series of micro – ATX motherboards and is the first of such models that specializes in games.

Asus new motherboard, B85M-Gamer, is based on Intel B85 Express chipset, the first micro-ATX model in the popular ASUS Gamer series. B85-Gamer supports the latest Intel Core processors of the fourth generation, and comes with a set of new technologies that will provide users with an exceptionally gaming experience in a small package.

B85M-Gamer motherboard is equipped with Intel Gigabit Ethernet network and the ASUS SupremeFX audio technology, as well as Gamer’s Guardian components. There is also the AI Suite 3 set of tools for fine adjustments, which will mean a lot to true gamer enthusiasts.

B85M-Gamer has Intel Gigabit Ethernet for smooth experience of online gaming. This advanced network technology communicates directly with an Intel processor and an incredibly high flow, reducing the total requirements for processing and improving efficiency, leaving more power for games and action on the screen.

, Gamer’s heaven – ASUS B85M – Gamer motherboard

ASUS engineers have found that the Intel Gigabit Ethernet technology is up to two times faster than LAN technologies in dealing with User Datagram Protocol (UDP) data packets, that are crucial for to smooth play, giving the users of B85M-Gamer motherboards decisive certain advantage  in online gaming

B85M-Gamer has the ASUS LAN Guard technology. This technology uses advanced signal-coupling technology and premium surface-mounted capacitors to improve the flow and includes both protection against electric shock and static protection.

B85M-Gamer integrated the exclusive ASUS SupremeFX technology, allowing gamers to enjoy the sound of high quality with incredibly low noise (SNR) of 115dB.

Advanced, SupremeFX audio chipset is isolated from electromagnetic interference (EMI), while maintaining the integrity of the audio signal. Exclusive ‘red-line-shielding’ separates audio components from the rest of B85M-Gamer motherboards. This unique combination effectively eliminates analog interference to enable flawless sound. Premium ELNA audio capacitors deliver the warm, natural sound complementing one unique audio experience with a mATX board.

SupremeFX also has built-in amplifier headphone impedance to 300ohm, which B85M-Gamer enables sound in the range of specialized sound map.

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