GoClever Navio 520 – your perfect traveling companion

, GoClever Navio 520 – your perfect traveling companion

For all those who seem to spend sufficient time traveling, we are pretty sure that a neat addition would be a proper navigation tool. Many of you can claim that you have on your smartphone, or tablet a solid navigation system. But the question is how many times did you use this type navigation, was it even practical, or how did you place it in your vehicle?

Navigation devices continue to sell very well, despite the GPS support on mobile devices. Those who buy navigation tool seem to know why. How much money should be invested in the navigation device? That’s a good question, especially when we know that the price is often equal to the quality. However, we must admit that the GoClever Navio 520 navigation system gives some additional content that can come in handy.

The device

GoClever Navio 520 seems to be a little larger than a smart phone. The company decided to design it so that it is easy and convenient and it seems to have succeeded. The housing is made of plastic.

The GoClever Navio 520 has 5 inch TFT screen resolution of 480 x 272 while all the necessary inputs and outputs are located on the left side of the device. From top to bottom these are – 3.5mm headphone jack, input for microSD cards (up to 8GB), and miniUSB socket for the charger.

The speaker is located in the back, through which you can hear the navigation commands, and use all the additional GoClever Navio 520 features.

The navigation

GoClever Navio 520 is of course primarily a navigation device. The work with navigation is fairly easy, if you have met before with “Do not Panic” system.

GoClever Navio 520 navigation device in order to MediaTek MT3351 processor at 468 MHz has 128 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory with the possibility of expansion memory of up to 8 GB. To receive GPS signals is used MediaTek 3328GPS receiver.

Additional features

In addition to what will surely navigate on roads, GoClever Navio 520 can be used for listening to music; you can insert a microSD card. You can also listen to the radio; the icon for the FM receiver is located on the left side, below the icon for the music player and navigation. Of course, a built-in clock, and you can change the background, read eBooks, view photos, and even watch movies – supports WMV and MP4 formats.

Are there any additional features? There are still a handful a built-in calculator, several video games, and there are some nice that we did not come, and that is a modified Windows CE operating system.

, GoClever Navio 520 – your perfect traveling companion
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, GoClever Navio 520 – your perfect traveling companion
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