Hamster – the cutest little pet

, Hamster – the cutest little pet

Studies have shown that the presence of a pet is of great importance in the lives of children. If you allow your toddler to take care of any pets, you teach them not only to love of animals, but also to be responsible.

If you have somewhat modest living space, hamster is the perfect solution for your home. What will delight every housewife is the facts that the hamsters are genuinely clean animals and do not stink.

This little rodent comes from different parts of Asia. Therefore, we have the Syrian golden hamster that comes from Syria, Russian hamster that comes from Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Chinese hamster also comes from Mongolia and northern China, and the Siberian hamster that comes from eastern Kazakhstan and northwestern Russia. As a pet, the most common is the golden hamster.

This animal is very humble and thankful as a pet, but requires a lot of love and attention. It is easy to tame but it still should be given time to adjust to the environment in which he lives and its owners. The most important thing is that the hamster are completely harmless and usually the favorite pet of children.

Genuine information about hamster
Hamster likes to sleep during the day, which means that it is active at night. Unfortunately, his life expectancy is rather short, and they only get to live two to three years. The temperature of the body it is 37.5 ° C and the heart rate of 275-425 beats per minute.
In the wild, hamsters live in underground and dig holes. Once you have decided to bring home a hamster as a pet.  Place the hamster in a cage, wooden box or aquarium whose dimensions must be at least 35x25x20 cm.  Place the hamster cage to the place with minimum sunlight, drafts and do not move the cage often. Keep the room temperature constant.

His cage is now his entire world. Arrange it in the way that it looks more comfortable and that your pet feels safe in it. Make sure to put some sawdust or straw on the bottom of the cage so that the hamster can make his own little nest, and in the corner place something that can serve the hamster as his own little house, for day naps. Home can be made of wood, but there is always the possibility that your pet does some nibbling.

Of course there is the inevitable water and food container, wood or toy to play and sharpening teeth. Container for food should be ceramic while for the adequate water bottle, refer to the pet shop.

For nibbling it is a good idea to have let’s say, twigs of apple, hazelnut, linden, even a cuttlefish bone. Do not overdo it with toys and decorations, hamster is modest animals and so it should stay. As for hamster toys, the most common are bubbles in which the hamster can run. In this way acquires fitness and his running will always bring smiles to family members, especially children.

You can also find a variety of structures, ladders and tunnels, by which the hamster can climb, crawl and satisfy its curious and mischievous nature. In this way he will feel like in nature.
It is not advisable to hold more than one hamster in one cage, unless you have a cage that is large enough and also the care should be taken because the presence of more hamsters creates animosity and conflict among them.

It is not advisable to hold more hamsters in one cage, unless you have a large enough cage. However, care should be taken because the presence of more hamsters creates among them animosity and conflict.

Now, when you place your pet and leave him enough time to get used to you, you can feel free to let go and to walk around the apartment. However, be careful not to nibble furniture. If you happen to not get lost, leave open the cage because it will surely come back for food and water.

His modest home it is important to regularly maintain and clean. Suffice it to do so, or every third day and a day or two later, if necessary. Cleaning includes washing dishes for food and water, and change of sawdust. Occasionally, in a cage put the pan with sand to your hamster could “swim”. It’s his natural way of washing and certainly it should be respected. Recommended washing with water because in this way from its fur remove grease which protects the skin from infection.

Once you have placed your pet and gave him enough time to get used to you, you can feel free to let the hamster walk around the apartment. However, be careful not to allow him to nibble furniture. If you let the hamster take a walk on the apartment, do remember to leave the cage open because it will surely come back for food and water.

It is important to regularly maintain and clean his modest home .it is enough to clean the cage every 2 or 3 day’s tops. By cleaning we do imply washing food and water containers, and changing the “nest”. Eventually place a little sand in the cage to allow your hamster to take a bath. Bear in mind that that is his natural “cleaning” ritual, not the water that could remove the much needed fat from the hamsters’ fur.

When it comes to food, his favorite treats are cereals. In pet shops you can buy a mix of sunflower, wheat and corn grains. The hamster also likes to nibble and walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins. These treats can be used to spoil the pet and easier to tame it. Alongside these grains, as a regular diet, you should consider giving him fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, lettuce, etc. Sometimes, you can cook the egg and offer him to eat.
Food should be left in the cage at night because, as we said, hamsters are the active at night. Excess food should be removed from the cage every day, and it should be done when the hamster is out of the cage. Do not give him the remains of human food and sweets because it can harm his health.

Any change to the hamster in the form of refusing food, tears in his eyes, drooling nose and cough indicates that something is wrong. In this case, be sure to seek medical attention.

If you this story have encouraged you to get a hamster, we do advise you to buy a cub that are 4- 8 weeks old because at that time the cubs are already capable of independent life. When choosing, make sure that your hamster looks lively, bright, apprised hairs and bright, bright, wide-eyed.

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