How to be a Gentleman

, How to be a Gentleman

You are not a gentleman if you know and follow all rules of behavior only sometimes. You’re a real gentleman if so behave every day and for all – known and unknown. One is a gentleman and when the mood and when he listless, when to hold back the unpleasant behavior and that is decent even those of which will not have any benefit. If you think that you can follow these simple tips, then you are on the right track to be the favorite gentleman wherever you show up.

You need to be gentleman from early morning, not only when you get “Skippy”. When you finish your morning routine in the bathroom, pay attention to what kind of condition are you leaving it for him who will enter in to a bathroom after you. Do not leave puddles on the bathroom, especially the remains of morning shaving at the mirror and sink. If the house has a female person (regardless of whether it comes to girls, girlfriend, wife or grandmother), you must leave the board lowered. The best compromise is that the board remains completely closed – not only as the most hygienic way for whole house, but it is also practical because you do not risk anything you accidentally fall into the cup.

If you got up first, then it’s nice to wait the household with coffee, tea or maybe even breakfast. The best solution is that the house is no agreement on who will be the days on which to store breakfast, but the one who first rose to everyone should at least offer coffee.

Clean up after doing something. None of us in the CV it says it is a hobby dishwashing and cleaning for others. To all the folks involved in the regular care of the home, the initial step is to clean up if any of you – your own bed, wash your plate, clean bathroom once a week, at least once a week include a vacuum cleaner or wipe the dust arranges with when others who cooks and who will accordingly clean. Your folks are not your employees to constantly clean for you.

The doors do not adhere only to a beautiful women. If you first grabb the handle, then hold the door to anyone who is up to them came at the same time as you. The chair is not only gives to own wife or girlfriend. Yield right of way to the older person than you. Yield right of way to the child, for example. The situation in which alone make judgments according to whether you are at the moment unable to stand. Help a neighbor to bring big bags to apartment.

Always stand up when handl. From a seated position, shake hands only women and the disabled. If you are with someone agreed to be in a cafe or restaurant, get up when you went to that person. Shake hands properly and sit only when your guest / guest sits down.

“Thank you”, “I’m sorry / Excuse me”, “Sorry”, “Yes”, “Please” should be in your dictionary daily. Thank for everything you are bringing, with “Yes / elect” something hand over, with “Excuse me / sorry,” you start a conversation with a stranger, with a “Please” responds when you pay or thanks.

In society there is no place for private conversations, concealment and secrecy. For this there is a time and a place. Making small clique in a large company can be tolerated, if groups of all allow for participation in the conversation. Too loud talking again is not polite. Create balance. If during the walk you meet acquaintances or friends, do not stay too much and not impose them. Please follow the budies with which you are going out agreed.

Do not be late. If too late, be sure to contact us in time to be late and apologize. That will have a justification or excuse, does not mean that the person who was waiting for you to be less angry. When you wait in line, see if you have someone around who should give way. Priority is given to pregnant women and the disabled first, then women with children, and then the others. Uniformed persons should also give way in front of you..

Clothes do not make the man. It’s all in the attitude. As long as you a pleasant, being and others around you. As long as you are polite and friendly, no one will be important what you wear. Keep your attitude and moral code. Do not deviate from it, and the attitude is, do not hesitate to give us. Do not be wronged, but also protect weaker. It does not stand nor women, let alone men. Gentlemanliness exists in sports and having fun with other men. And no one has to tell you what it means.

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