How to invite and how to behave with the girl at the meeting?

, How to invite and how to behave with the girl at the meeting?

 To invite girl for a meeting is not an easy undertaking, especially if you’re a little shy and do not want to blow a chance with the girls to feel that she was the one, but I do not think about it because you will most girl at least give you a chance to try. But sometimes it’s the time when you need to step up and be brave or to forever wonder what would happen if any. Read these instructions, gather the courage and ask her out. And remember, all you have to do is to be yourself.

Come to a girl that you like. Say “Hi” or “Hello” and ask her something or give her compliment. It can be daunting but is essentially very simple. If you start a conversation is not your strong suit, read these steps. Flirt a little! Scarves and break the ice.

Assess how interested she is in you. Pay attention to eye contact, smile, enthusiasm in her answers, laughing. When you look at her, look in the face, especially in the eyes. Pay attention to what she says so that when you ask something or fit with the story can easily carry on a conversation. Do not stare at her body. Very few girls are really likes, and if you stare at her breasts, it will reject it and probably bring your attention to what the story is never a good idea. Read her body language.

Pay attention if she touch you more often than what is usual for friends (persistently trying to touch your hand or the like). If she find excuses for it, then you’re probably on the right track. But, on the contrary, do not think that she does not like you if you do not touch. Perhaps it is too excited to and immediately touched. Also do not try to touch her if she does not have contact with you. This usually refuses to girls as they think that just want their bodies and no girl wants to be treated as a sex object, but as a person.

Record how she looks at you. If she likes you, she will look for long at you or will immediately look away. Both could mean she likes you. If quickly pulled back, it means that she’s nervous, but she still likes you. If you with the corner of eyes look girl, and she looks at you it means she likes you even though you can quickly turn your head the other way. If you talk, the girls usually look right on, so do not immediately think that she likes you if you’re talking about, and she listens. Again, look at her face, especially her eyes. Do not think about how to love, because you see it on your face. Listen to what she says and answer her back.

Ask her “Hey, why do not you go with me to the cinema this weekend?” (Does not have to be a movie – can be anything that interests you and you mean to her and liked). Or you can try the other way – ” What ice cream do you like most? , Continue the conversation and offered to buy her ice cream.

You can do that in a different way ” Hey I’ve heard for movie ______. What do you think about him? “If she likes it then ask if you’d like to see it together. If she asks, “Do you think we go out together?” You reply yes. Girls like guys who are sure of themselves than those cowardly retreat. Ask her if she wants snacks and buy them for her; This will show her that you’ll always take care of her.

Try to be cool, that it is not thought to ask someone to go big deal. You can say ” I wonder if you might want to go to a concert on Saturday evening. I think it would be interesting to go together ”. But it may be something other than a concert.

Be cool if she refuse you. Reply politely, as ” No problem! Maybe some other time and smile. Act like you do not need, because you will then want more. Turn the subject to something else, or if you want to go, talk a little and pretend you’ve got a text message from your mom and you have to go home and call her and something similar. Do not be abusive. If you are uncomfortable she might be wrong as it is supposed to agree. And do your stuff, go ahead – as they say, there are many other fish in the sea!

Be independent. Most girls do not like guys who are constantly monitored and somewhere who are constantly good and kind.

, How to invite and how to behave with the girl at the meeting?
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, How to invite and how to behave with the girl at the meeting?
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