How to be photogenic

, How to be photogenic

You do not have to use Photoshop or hire a professional photographer to make you look perfect in the photos. We present you a few tips that can make you will look flawless on every photo.

1. If you notice that often you look like you are squinting or in most cases you have the eyes wide shut, use this trick: close your eyes and second before shooting open your eyes. This will make your gaze to look honestly and fresh.

2. In order to avoid double chin, extend your neck and lower the shoulders. Slightly push your head forward and only noticeably lower chin. You may seem strange, but this trick really works.

3. To keep your eyes in the photo look perfectly, remember to put mascara. It will highlight the contours of the eye and accentuate your look.

4. Each of us has a certain face angle that looks better on photos and the fact is that photos where the person is facing directly into the camera rarely turns out perfectly. Consider the old photos and discover your angle. When shooting, tile your face slightly to the side that is more “photogenic”.

5. If you want to make your best smile, use this express trick. Press your tongue to the upper palate and then the laugh. This will make your smile look moderate and natural. A similar effect can be obtained if during shooting stretch lips into a smile when you say the word “cheese”.

6. If you want to look more natural, take a picture with an object in a hand like cups, books or bags. So will your hands take a natural position, and the entire photo will look more natural.

7. Avoid too many glittering details on the face. Refraction of light during shooting can change your face and accentuate the parts you do not want. On the other hand, shimmering details are allowed on neckline. To do this, use a bronzer or shimmer.

8.  If you want to make your photo look as natural as possible, take pictures in front of a white background. Thus the colors in the image will be more natural and cleaner, and your face will shine.

9. Put brighter lipstick on your lips. The dark, matte tones will surely stifle your face. Also, if you want to make a serious photo, without a smile, do not squeeze the lips but slightly open, or relax on her lower lip just enough to slightly show your teeth.

10. Photos that are taken from mild bird’s eye view (slightly above the view height) definitely flatter your face. On the other hand, those photos that are photographed from below shorten your figure and cast the unwanted shadows onto your face.

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