How to clean and maintain diamond jewelery?

, How to clean and maintain diamond jewelery?

During normal wearing jewelry, diamonds are exposed to dirt, dust, sweat, makeup, and natural body oils, and impacts of household chemicals, such as chlorine and hairspray. Over time, these materials are accumulating on the Diamond, muffling his brilliance. Fortunately cleaning of Diamond is easy and short.

Dip the diamond in a solution of ammonia and water and with a soft brush gently clean the bottom of the stone and the site of dirt, carefully clean around the seat of stone and metal parts as they can scratch if roughly rubs. Finally wipe, dry and enjoy the splendor of your jewelry.

An alternative to this method are the baths that you can buy at the jewelers and are intended for cleaning the jewelry, there are baths for all kinds of jewelry and precious stones, pearls and coral so be careful that you use for your jewelry. Since it is a highly valuable jewelry, we recommend that you take your jewelry checked by your goldsmith jeweler always after impact or damage that would not be a part of the release or disappeared.

Keeping your diamond jewelery

Because of their hardness, diamonds can damage other diamonds, other precious stones and precious metals. That is the most common cause damage to jewelry! So, keep all jewelry separately, especially diamond jewelry, in special sections or cloth bags.

Secure your diamond

Due to unforeseen events that are happening, we recommend that you insure your jewelry and your Diamonds against loss, theft and damage.

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